Pavan Kumar Out in the open People are forced to pray outside in the schorching sun due to lack of space inside the mosque. Image Credit:

I was at home last Friday while the usual noon prayers were going on, but when I went out onto my balcony to check the view, I was shocked to see people praying outside under the hot scorching sun due to limited space inside the mosque.

I felt upset seeing this incident at the mosque in Al Nahda, Sharjah. Standing in that kind of hot sun could cause problems like dehydration. I want to highlight this issue so that people become aware of the dangers of standing out in the sun and maybe those responsible can look into correcting this.

I suggest that there should at least be temporary shelters provided in front of all of the mosques while the prayers are going on so that people can pray in a peaceful and calm state of mind.

This reader is a student in Sharjah

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