This is with reference to my existing landline, which I wanted to migrate to eLife.

I called etisalat on 101 on July 24, 2017 and requested for migration to eLife family package. A customer care representative confirmed to me that the family package includes eLife-On channels, which include lots of Indian Hindi and English channels that people will be able to see on their television for free. This is also clearly stated on etisalat’s website.

However, since the customer care representative could not promise I would retain my existing landline number, I did not proceed with the request. He informed me to go to the business centre, as they might be able to help me in retaining the same landline number.

I again called on July 30 for the same and tried to retain the same number. I was again assured that I would be able view Indian channels in Hindi and English, as they were part of the eLife-On package, which is free as part of eLife family package. The representative expressed his inability to offer me the retention of the same landline number and advised me to rush to the business centre as it was nearing the end of the month.

I visited etisalat’s business centre near World Trade Centre on July 30 and opted for migration to eLife once the etisalat officer confirmed to me the landline number would remain the same. She also confirmed that I would be able to view all 180 and more channels mentioned on their website under eLife-On in addition to basic free-to-air channels.

My subscription was initiated and everything was installed on July 6, late in the evening, and I commenced viewing TV from July 7. However, I was not able to see any of the Hindi/English Indian channels as promised.

I lodged a complaint. I was called a couple of times and informed that my package doesn’t include Hindi/English Indian channels and I would not be able to view it unless I subscribed to an additional package. I argued, giving the same points as promised by etisalat’s call centre customer care representative and business centre officer.

On August 20, I received a call from etisalat stating that my subscription includes lots of Hindi channels as per what they can see in the system. The agent confirmed some channels such as Star Plus, Sony, Sab TV. When I informed that I couldn’t see those channels, she said I would need to call 101 and raise a complaint for technical troubleshooting as she can’t raise another complaint.

I called 101 and complained, but the customer care representative informed me the same thing I had heard before — that my package doesn’t include Hindi channels and my previous complaint is still open, with a promise to expedite resolution.

I request Gulf News to intervene and help in resolution.

From Ms Shital Dhaneshchandra Sheth


The management of etisalat responds:

Thank you for bringing Ms Sheth’s concerns to our attention. Etisalat customer service team would want to apologise on all the inconvenience caused. eLife-On password has been reset, including the channels, and the matter has been explained to the customer. Further, she was updated about her current Set Up Box (STB), since she complained that her current STB was not recording. She was contacted by the customer service team and the case is closed as there is no further action required.

(Process initiation: August 27. Response from organisation: October 4.)

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