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A woman is a beautiful creature, without whom, life would not exist. Every woman is ideal in her own way. The life of a woman is never easy, whether she is successful or not. Every woman has the power to face all difficulties, through God’s strength. You can feel the spirit of happiness and strength in every woman you meet. A woman is always considered lucky because she has the capability to give life.

Nowadays every woman is being challenged and has overcome these challenges by participating and taking up careers, which were once defined as jobs for men. She can choose her own identity, and for that, she doesn’t need a man’s helping hand. Today, many women in the world are at important positions in their companies and are challenging stereotypes. This is empowering the next generation of women.

The pace of women cannot be comparable to a man and vice versa. The best example to consider is that of our own mother. Mothers take the pain to raise and nurture their children with great care. A mother will never tell people about her burdens.

They are masterminds at hiding their emotions from people. In today’s world every mother is trying to get with the times and we may not see this blatantly, but if you observe closely, they want to have their own profiles on social media, and be a part of this generation.

We need to remember that women are many things and they are important in the world. Therefore, we must remember all the women freedom fighters and soldiers, who are keeping their country safe at the borders. Let us remember all those women who contribute to our lives. It is because of them we are blessed.

- The reader is based in Goa, India.