10-week-old puppies Image Credit: Monteserrat Martin/Gulf News Reader

The summer season can be a glory for some and agony for others. All of these loving pets below are desperately looking for a home.

They are looking for a second chance at having a dignified life next to humans who will provide them with their basic rights and love.

Most of them have been either rescued or found after being unwanted and abandoned.

Friends of Animals has a different understanding of the meaning of animal welfare. We believe humans have a small debt contribution to make to improve our community. The overwhelming situation around animals is right next to us and we need to get involved and look for alternative solutions.

Mankind's idiosyncrasy is its constant search for ways to improve specific tasks and obstacles within society. But there is a significant community task that is always contemplated with baby steps: animal welfare, and the right for these living creatures to be observed with a higher level of respect. The list of reasons why society needs to make urgent changes regarding this issue is endless.

Animal welfare groups, such as Friends of Animals, are saturated with animals. So, if you are interested in permanently adopting one of these precious dogs, please contact us (all the dogs have a specific contact number) or alternatively if you are not leaving for the summer, please come forward and give them a holiday. After all, they deserve it.

Promote kindness for every one of us to make a difference. Animal welfare, should not be based on specific punctual circumstances, but should be integrated into our daily lives so that we ensure no other living creature suffers from cruelty and sorrow.

For more information please visit our website; www. friendsofanimalsdxb.com or send us an email atinfo@friendsofanimalsdxb.com

Harry Spotter was rescued from wandering Al Ain's roads, exhausted, in pain and very injured after possibly being hit by a car that completely smashed one of his hind legs. A massive surgery and leg reconstruction was urgently needed. Harry was very lucky to be rescued by a very kind lady who took him to the hospital, paid the very large bill and who has continued paying for the kennel where he has been rehabilitated and kept.

He is a little shy and scared of people, but this is quite normal if we consider what he must have gone through. A guardian with lots of patience is required. He is around eight months old, but quite small in size. He has also been fully vaccinated.

Nena Simone was found in the Jumeirah area a few months ago. She has been fostered by a fantastic family, but personal circumstances will not allow them to keep her. She loves family atmosphere and activities.

Nena's love for children and other animals is unconditional. She would make a perfect addition to any family, preferably one with a villa and a place where she can run around.

Thelma is like a miniature German Shepherd. She is about three months old. She has a very loving and playful character, but can still be a little shy around people. With a little patience and a little help she will make a fantastic family pet.

Louise is a very sweet female puppy, around three months old. She has a very loving, playful character. She will not grow to be very big, so would make an excellent addition to any family not looking for a large dog. She is in desperate need of a loving home.

Hannah Montana has been in a kennel for three months and is in urgent need of a home. We call her Hannah Montana, as we don't know her real name and believe she may be a Saluki-German Shepherd cross.

She was living on a farm before being given over to the authorities. She is around a year old, has been fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. She is in a kennel right now, which costs Dh35 per day. The people covering that cost will not be able to pay much longer. So, if you wish to contribute to that cost you can donate directly to the kennel for maximum transparency. If you wish to offer her a loving home, you should look at her list of qualities. She would make a fantastic agility contender as she can jump very high. An experienced home will be required.

Dobby and Purdey are brother and sister and very attached to one another.These gorgeous looking young dogs, like many others, were collected by the authorities wandering the streets lost and thirsty, with an uncertain future. They are currently in a foster home but the family is going on holiday in a few days. They need a forever home with a responsible guardian.

They are between six and eight months old, playful, a little scared, but inquisitive enough to come out of their shell and become nice family pets. They have been vaccinated, microchipped, and de-wormed.

Tina Turner was taken out of a vet's dog section. We have no idea how or from where she was rescued, but she was like many others, very skinny and very scared. After a lot of love and care she has put on weight and gained confidence. She is very comfortable in her foster home, but before she gets any more attached to her transitory family, a permanent home needs to be found. Tina has been fully vaccinated, microchip and sterilised.

These 10-week-old puppies were rescued a month back from the Barracuda Hotel. The adult feral dogs went into the Trap, Neuter, Release programme (TNR), but the puppies were removed to be homed. Summer season is the worse time in the year for pets. Time and space plays a vital role, leaving them in a life and death situation.

They were due to be put down a few days ago as a result of stray excess, but foster homes were found and now the puppies are in urgent need of permanent homes.

It would be better for the puppies to be separated and ideally moved to homes with other dogs.

This will help them overcome their lack of confidence. All three puppies are male and have been vaccinated and de-wormed.

— The reader is the founder of Friends of Animals, Dubai.