As most credit card customers, I was called and offered this lucrative and beneficial product called credit shield. I was told it would cover my monthly payments up to a certain amount in the unforeseen instance of involuntary loss of employment.

In March 2017, I was let off by my company due to redundancy, and within 30 days informed Dubai First of this. I have submitted all documents requested by them, filled out an insurance form sent to me by them from Orient Insurance, as well as spoken to their call centre more than 10 times.

I spoke to them in June and they told me that they require my signature on some sort of letter of undertaking, which would be emailed to me by July 20. Why does it take one month to send an email? This meant I had to pay for the months of June and July, just because the email was conveniently sent after my due date.

On July 20, I hadn’t received any email, waited for a few days, called the call centre to find out what is happening. They told me to call after three days, and the email will come soon.

So, I waited, but no email came. I called back. They told me that they put in a request for someone to contact me within three days. I said ok.

Three days later, no contact. I waited two more days. No contact. So, I called again and same result. The last contact I had, I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager, and they placed a call back. The supervisor called and told me that she understands my case and she has put it in escalated status and hopefully it will be resolved soon. But, in the meantime I have to continue making the payments on my card, which seemed convenient for them.

In August, five months after losing my job, and four months after submitting all the required documents to Dubai First, I am still chasing after them to find out the status of my credit shield, with no positive response other than, “someone will call you within three days” or “it’s under process”.

In the meantime, I’m not only being forced to make the monthly payments, which I have insurance for, I am also being charged the monthly premium for the insurance.

Ever since I have been banking with Dubai First, I have always made my payments in full and on time. I do not understand why they treat their customers in this manner. Why is my case escalated only now? For everyone who loses their job it should be taken seriously.

I have run out of options, and would therefore ask if Gulf News can contact their management for some sort of response and hopefully a solution.

From Mr Mark Sequeira


The management of Dubai First responds:

Thank you for bringing this complaint to our notice. Dubai First is always committed to providing best of services to our customers. Kindly note that we have spoken to the customer Mr Mark Sequeira and have addressed his concerns.

Mr Sequeira responds:

Dubai First is still working on a solution for me. Thanks for your help.

(Process initiation: August 27. Response from organisation: August 30. Reader responds: October 4.)

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