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What you need to know:

  • Reader discusses how some people are rude in public and are not sorry about it. 

Dubai is an amazing place. It is an amalgamation of people from various cultures, with different beliefs, preferences, foods and more. Respect and tolerance is what keeps everyone in perfect harmony with one another. I am a resident of Dubai. On a casual evening after parking our car in the basement of a mall, we were heading towards the lift. My husband was wearing a bright purplish pink t-shirt. Another couple was already waiting for the elevator before us. The man laughed the moment he saw my husband and made a snide remark. My husband was busy on the phone, so he did not hear it, but I did.

To avoid unnecessary hassle I chose to ignore the comment made by the stranger. He was laughing out loud, when his partner asked him for the reason.

He made the same remark again and both of them started laughing. I was furious after hearing the comment for the second time. This person was a complete stranger, how does one make random remarks about people and laugh in front of them?

I objected to it and told him that I was offended. My husband was shocked with my outburst as he had been unaware of what was happening.

I told the stranger that he had no right to make remarks at anyone and to laugh about it in front of them.

To my surprise, he had the audacity to laugh on and further comment, that he saw no reason to be offended. The woman he was with did not say anything. I told the man when we had all entered the lift, that if he didn’t want to offend me, he should have been softer while making his rude remarks. They got off at their desired floor, continuing to giggle.

I was shocked, upset and surprised. I never knew people could be this ill-mannered. The man did not feel like he did anything wrong, neither did he feel like he needed to apologies to my husband and me. My husband asked me to ignore the whole incident, but I couldn’t. This is how stereotypes begin! Has anyone else faced such a situation?

- The reader is a resident of Dubai.

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