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Social media users highlighted the impact that donations towards saving the planet can make. However, there were some who noted that each person is entitled to using his or her wealth as they desire.


I’m not saying all millionaires and billionaires should help shape the earth. I’m talking about how barely anybody is helping. This shows that no one cares about our environment and it’s gonna turn out bad.


Imagine if all these millionaires and billionaires actually cared about the environment and planet Earth.


People are free to donate money to whatever they want! We have no right to oblige them to spend it to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


To all those who are criticising the rich for giving money to rebuild the Notre Dame - Why are we making it the responsibility of the rich to save our planet? What are we doing? Shouldn’t we put our money where our mouth is?


If the millionaires and billionaires wanted to save the environment they could easily. You can’t tell me that in 2019 all their factories [...] couldn’t function off renewable energy like solar, wind, and water based generators. They just don’t wanna drop the money to switch.


If every millionaire where to donate 100,000 dollars to charity once a year we would be able to save the earth and end world hunger.