When the dog was found, his general body and health condition appeared to be excellent, suggesting he had led a very healthy indoor life. Image Credit: By Montserrat Martin Gulf News Reader

This poor dog was found close to Mushrif Park in the Mirdif-Warqa area of Dubai almost a month ago. He could be between five and eight years old, has no microchip and has been neutered.

He was exhausted and very thirsty when found, but didn't looked like he had been neglected or abandoned by his owner. His general body and health condition appeared to be excellent. His teeth were in fantastic shape and his impeccable coat suggested that he had a very healthy indoor lifestyle. It is very hard to believe that he has been abandoned.

The very kind woman who rescued him tried to help him in all possible ways, but she is leaving the country soon and running out of ideas.

The German Shepherd is not aggressive, but can snap without warning. He is very friendly, but unexpectedly may let his dominant habits show. We initially thought if we couldn't find his owner we could try putting him up for adoption or even in a foster home, but that idea went out of the window when we saw his occasional reactions.

Dog trainer

The woman who found him then sent him to a dog trainer to assess his personality, bearing all costs in a desperate attempt to find his owner or a positive alternative solution.

The million dollar question is — if the dog's nature was aggressive, how did he manage to stay alive for so long and with clear evidence of him being someone's beloved pet? It is possible he is only comfortable with his owner, and that his guardian might be out of the country.

Do you know the dog? Do you recognise him? Or do you have any idea who his guardian might be? The woman currently looking after him is desperate to find a happy ending to his story. Unfortunately, if no permanent solution is found, his life could be at risk due to a lack of resources and funds. He can't stay where he is much longer.

If anyone is willing to help us find his owner or contribute to the cost of keeping him in the kennel longer or even if a very experienced dog-lover is willing to take on the challenge, kindly contact us urgently.

For further information, you can call 050-7706711.

The reader is the founder of the Friends of Animals group

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