Doggie in a hat
“Did you all bring your hats? I was told we had to wear a hat” Image Credit: Twitter/@NerdPyle

What you need to know:

  • On #InternationalDogDay, social media was flooded with "adorable" doggie videos and pictures.

Dubai: If you are a dog lover, this story is a real treat. Social media users were left gushing on Twitter as pet owners shared stories and pictures of their “canine kids” on #InternationalDogDay, August 26.

Big or small, fluffy or skinny, happy or grumpy, dogs all around the world got their few minutes of fame on the social media platform, all thanks to their eager dog-parents.

People who did not have dogs, took this opportunity to celebrate with those who did, and left adorable comments and likes on posts.

In short, it was a ‘pawsome’ day!

Twitter user @andymmcg posted a picture of his dog with the caption: "This our best mate Max, he unfortunately passed away four weeks ago but left our family with 15 years of beautiful memories. Give your dogs a hug today. #InternationalDogDay."

@gmontross tweeted a picture of his cloud-like canine, with the caption: “Its #InternationalDogDay and the first day of school in DC, so here’s a photo of Roger Federfluff smiling like a second grader on school picture day.”

Popular Twitter and Instagram account We Rate Dogs (twitter: @dog_rates) asked pet owners to send them pictures of their dogs, on Twitter. The post had more than 14,000 comments and 8,000 likes.

Twitter user Beth shared a before-after picture of her deaf rescue dog with the caption: Our deaf rescue pup, Cheese! Left is [him] yesterday. The right is the day we rescued him.

Tweep @swimmerbr78 posted: “I’m just going to spend the entire day scrolling through this thread, liking everyone’s pup….”

And that’s exactly what we did today too.

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