Online websites that allow users to post videos are becoming one of the most popular medium for people to connect with each other. These websites can be used to upload a variety of web videos, from home videos to videos that express a person's point of view. The appeal of these websites is that the videos are ensured maximum exposure at no cost or for a minimal fee to the user. Have you ever posted a video online? What do you think about websites that allow people to post any videos they want?

Viral videos will become one of the biggest marketing tools this year.

I have never heard of viral videos, so I am not sure if they will be popular as a tool. As I see it, a lot of people prefer to read the newspaper or listen to the radio when they are stuck in their cars. Personally, I would be most likely to notice advertisements in newspapers or other media as opposed to the internet.
– Ali Dhanani

It is a tool for people who are net savvy and who access the content of the videos. It is a good tool to promote ideas and growth, and also to bring attention to new companies or set-ups. However, print media such as newspapers might be more appealing because they are widespread even though internet advertisements have a greater potential for creativity with animations and walk-through features.
– Klyde Nunes

Some artists use popular websites to post advertisements in order to attract people to their work. It is also a good way for companies to reach out to consumers because it is free. If an advertisement is placed strategically and is done in a creative way, it can attract consumers and trigger them into purchasing their products. Some of the most successful advertisements by companies were completely online.
– Omar Heikal

The internet has a lot of free potential. It is an online media where anyone can upload anything free of cost and reach a very wide audience. If I want to visit a town or country, I look up videos on it. It is not only cost-effective; I also get more information from it. But a company might lower the image of their brand if it uses such advertisements.
– Chris K.

If you are bothered about copyright, you should not post content on the internet.

I am personally bothered by copyright as it is practically stealing. If a person developed something then that person has ownership of it. It is not fair when another person takes that product and uses it or places it on the internet so that others can download it without giving credit to the creator. However, even though I agree with the statement, I am guilty of buying fake DVDs.
– David Chapman

If it is on television then there might be an issue. But on the internet it is somewhat all right because you choose whether or not to post the content. I have been to video sharing websites and even posted some videos myself. I do not have a problem with it. In fact, I prefer using these sites as a way to communicate with others.
– Hani Bashar Zebeida

There should be a provision for copyright. But even if they are copyrighted, it does not mean that they should not be on the internet. People should pay royalties so they can access them and those who do not pay should not be allowed to post such content online. People can pay through different ways, such as online payment plans that are already in use around the world.
– Bob Redwood
Al Ain

I posted a video on a popular video-sharing website a while ago. I do not mind if someone takes it and uses it somewhere else because it has no monetary value to me. If a video being uploaded might be something private, then the person posting it could post a disclaimer requesting that permission be asked first before using or taking the video.
– Arshad Malek

Web videos lead to a more widespread invasion of privacy.

As long as the person who made the video had permission from everyone who was in it to place it on popular websites where web videos are there for the enjoyment of others, there is not an issue. I do agree that sometimes there are videos that invade peoples' privacy when they are taken without that person's permission, but that is something that cannot be helped in some cases.
– Hani Farah
Abu Dhabi

Personally, I do not like putting videos of myself online. Once a person puts a video online, they open themselves to being watched by others on the internet. But even though they upload them, people should not take or use the videos without the permission of the person who created it. Generally speaking, people do not post videos online just for themselves.
- Amer Al Moghrabi

When people post such videos, they run the risk of being exploited. Also, some of them are either too revealing or in bad taste. Some videos could have been taken without the person being aware of it so that causes a breach of privacy. When I am online, I do not go to such websites because I prefer to use the internet just to surf or check my e-mail anonymously.
– Eileen Ford

It causes people to become overexposed because everyone is using the internet. Many websites share videos, some with good content, such as information, and some with personal videos. Even though there are good filters here to stop such websites, there are some that get bypassed and downloaded into devices like iPods. When children are online, their parents guide them to avoid such videos.
– Bayani B.S.

Online video clips are giving more people an opportunity for creative expression.

Because many people have access to the internet to post items such as videos and blogs, it gives them a lot of exposure. Online video clips help people to express themselves and their ideas in a creative manner. But even though there are a lot of nice things online, not everything that is posted is enjoyable. Some peoples' views in their videos are not good in content.
– Asif Dhanani

It helps people fill their free time. These online videos can help people teach and learn from each other. When they use websites to upload video clips, people cannot only express themselves, but can also teach others different skills. Such video clips entertain and inform people on different topics. I have not really visited those websites, but I hope to soon.
– Adil Mohammad

I would not really call it self-expression so much as craving attention. You can express yourself through other things but web videos are methods of showing how you express yourself. For instance, if you make a cartoon and post it as a web video, the cartoon is where you express your emotions and the fact that it is on the web just helps you reach more people.
– Walid Maraqa
Abu Dhabi

Not only do videos allow people to be creative, it also allows people to get to know one another by uploading short clips about themselves and their lives. If a person posts something that is interesting, then people would respond to that. And if they post something online, such as problems they are facing, then it gives others the chance to help them.
– Omar Mohammad Samir