Medical malpractice lawsuits, improper treatments and unqualified healthcare professionals — there are constant reports the world over about such issues. It is hardly surprising that people no longer know where to turn to when they have a medical problem or query. Many choose to seek medical care outside or to return to their home countries. Have you ever visited a healthcare professional in the UAE? How was your experience?

Healthcare in the UAE is on a par with most global standards.

I have not been to a hospital in the UAE, but I have heard a lot of positive things from people who have. Both relatives and colleagues from work have told me about the quality of care they received in the hospitals in Dubai. Although private hospitals have bills that need to be paid, it makes the hospitals much more efficient than the public hospitals.
– Laurie Jaggard

They take good care of their patients and cater to their needs. The son of one of my friends was sick and they took him to a hospital. There, a lot of attention was focused on him and on curing him. I also recently went to a hospital to visit terminally ill children and was amazed at how the nurses were always smiling, despite having very long shifts.
– Sangeeta Doshi

The healthcare in Dubai is excellent. There are many people who are concerned about this field, and their attention is really helping hospitals advance constantly. Recently, one of my friends was in a road accident. The hospital he was taken to had very helpful staff who provided him with good care and treatment while he was there recovering from his injuries.
– Asmer Mawfeek

I like going to a private hospital in Dubai for any general illness or questions because the standards here are very high. The staff members are very accommodating, the doctors are nice and they give patients good medical care. But sometimes I need to travel outside the country to seek specialist treatment or consultation for some of my medical conditions.
– Mohammad Al Madhni

International accreditation for private sector hospitals will ensure better service.

Compared to what I saw in Europe and especially France, the UAE still has a long way to go before it can acquire international accreditation. Here, even though the company provides health insurance to an employee, it does not extend it to cover the whole family. The UAE should try to either follow the US or European standards or try to find a balanced approach to its healthcare system.
– Sofiane Blufas

It would help the standards improve, just as long as the costs for the treatments do no go up. It is not that international is better; it is that it should match the standards of the government. It is up to the government to decide whether to seek it or not, if they want to then why not? But private hospitals should first match the guidelines of government hospitals before thinking of international standards.
– Jyothi K.

With everything that is happening in Dubai, the standards here are already high. But they can be better and having international accreditation will give hospitals more competition, so it will make them improve themselves. The Ministry of Health would also play a role in testing doctors who want to come here. That way, they can be sure about how qualified the candidates are.
– Samih Hashim

At least some international regulations would help make sure that the hospitals follow the guidelines that are set. I personally have had some bad experiences with doctors and nurses in a private hospital. The customer service was horrible in the way they treated their patients. I had to wait for an hour before anyone saw me. I hope that international accreditation would help them change.
– Wayne Fernandes

There is a need to establish more healthcare educational facilities.

There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed, such as healthy eating. Many people are eating junk food because they do not have time or know how to eat healthily. Also, facilities could be established in order to educate doctors and nurses. I went to a public hospital and the doctor misdiagnosed me. I then had to go to a private hospital in order to be given the correct treatment.
– Kavitha Panicker

I have a three-year-old son. When he was having an allergic reaction, the hospital I took him to did not know what was wrong with him. He was admitted for two days and then he healed by himself. It is disappointing to know that you are not safe in hospitals. The government should find a solution, so that such incidents are stopped.
– Ahmad Ash

I am from Bahrain originally and there we have many more medical institutions, despite the UAE having more capital. There, we have medical universities, nursing academies as well as other health-related institutes. The UAE government should not only establish more educational facilities, but also push for more nationals to be in such fields, instead of foreigners.
– Adel Al Mousawi

I am not sure that there are many facilities here. Many people in the country do not know what to do about different healthcare issues. Topics should be approached through different methods, like using the media — advertisements, pamphlets, and other publicity tools. That way, when it is out in the open, people would know more.
– Mohammad Al Attar

Greater transparency should be pushed for in the healthcare sector.

I have only been to a hospital once in Dubai. The doctor was vague and did not give me any information directly. I had to constantly repeat my questions before he gave any answers. If it was more transparent, then patients would feel more comfortable going to doctors here instead of flying to their home countries. Transparency is doable and healthcare professionals should be more open with their patients in order for everyone to be informed.
– Lenore Chada

Greater transparency and communication will change the attitude of every individual toward healthcare, and it will give consumers the ability to make more intelligent choices about hospitals and physicians. Greater transparency will also enable hospitals to better track the quality of care as well as the efficiency of physicians. Hospitals can also use that information as an incentive for physicians to perform better.
– Anne Elizabeth Angeles

I feel that patients have the right to know what's happening. Especially when it is about something that affects them personally. Greater transparency would help a lot in critical situations, such as when parents do not know what is happening to their child. When doctors tell them these details, it keeps them up to date. Many people are sceptical about hospitals here and greater transparency would help everything.
– Samreen Hayat

If you need to know more about your illness, then there should be better transparency. If the treatment did not work the first time, then patients should find out more about their illness. The best way to do that is to be honest with your doctor. Patients should be open about their symptoms.
– Noorin Ansari