Cricket is a game that is both played and watched with great passion by many different nationalities from all over the world.

There have been many different forms; the original five-day Test matches, the One Day Internationals (ODI) and the most recent event, the Twenty20 world cup that had many on the edge of their seats and breathless with excitement. Fans debated the merits of each and defended the choice they believed best reflected the spirit of the game.

Twenty20 is the future of cricket.

Twenty20 (T20) is a short game of few hours, while the original game is actually five days long, so the audience definitely finds it more exciting. Still, players don't play to their usual standards, they just want to hit hard and score fast. It's not the usual cricket we're used to, and I don't think it will last.
– Esmail Patiwala

People these days don't have the time to sit for hours and watch long test series. Even ODIs (One Day Internationals) can get too long and boring. T20 is much better because there is more excitement and tension. Also, the game finishes in a much shorter period of time. It's short and sweet, and you're able to truly enjoy it.
– Ashraf Rather

It's a more captivating game then the One Day or Test matches because it's shorter. It's more exciting and interesting; I think people are really getting into it. India weren't the favourite to win at the recent world cup but they did. The India versus Pakistan match was such a good game to watch. Now, because of that game, it's especially big, both in India and Pakistan.
– Sabjot Sahni

I'm not quite sure if it's the future of cricket. I think there's definitely room, it seems to complement the other two types of the game well. The advantage is the shorter amount of time needed to watch the game, which is great for the spectators. I think that it will become an integral part of the game.
– Chris Keogh

Its format limits the capacity and talent of players.

The players use their experience and talent in the ODIs and Test cricket because they have plenty of time. T20 isn't a game of decent cricket. It is like a baseball match where the players just play aggressively to quickly make runs and finish the overs. They don't play cleverly — all they want to do is strike hard. We don't get to see real cricket with T20.
- Tudur Samarawickrama

The T20s actually tests players more because in this tournament they have to play with a limited number of overs. In ODIs they have the luxury to relax a little, but in T20 every single ball counts. The game is in its own league and you're able to see players bring out their aggressive side.
– Azeem Shah

T20 is a hard-hitting game while in the ODIs; the batsmen are expected to actually put their strategies and talents to use. T20 definitely saves time and the audience doesn't have to wait long for the results, but I often see that some players don't play as well as they usually do because they are careless due to the pressure and lack of time.
– Sam McConroe

It's a more aggressive game, and it makes the matches more exciting to watch. The pressure keeps the players tight and more alert on their game. All the teams are able to play their best.
– Lineesh Kaithoyil

It will play a vital role in grooming young players to perform under pressure.

Young cricketers do not have that much experience, so T20 helps them develop the skills they require. By learning to hit harder shots and playing well under pressure, younger cricketers can gain the experience they need to make them better ODI and Test players later on.
– Nishantha Dharmapriya

Compared to the 50-over matches, T20 gives players a chance to play a fast and exciting game. Even though they are under pressure, they have more wickets in hand than they would in a usual ODI. This is why they play in a very relaxed manner and we're able to truly see them perform.
– Shamoon Nissar

The whole idea of T20 is to show a cricketer's true talents in 20 overs. This new game has its own charm. It gives players a chance to explore their skills and discover hidden talents, which they can then bring to their normal game of ODIs or Test cricket. If cricketers are able to handle the pressure of 20 overs, imagine what they can do in 50!
– Rabab Khan

Since only 11 players are allowed to play, it will set a precedent for them to perform their best. The older generation shouldn't stick around for too long anyway, since this might help younger players cultivate a better game. I've also seen how inspirational it is for the younger generation to take on larger roles.
– Srikanth Parthasarathy

Cricket needs to adapt if it has to survive.

Cricket matches used to be long and boring, but they improved a lot once ODIs were introduced. Nobody has the time to sit down and watch a five-day match now. T20 has reduced the duration of cricket even more and this brings in a lot more people. Although there are a few fanatics who still love long drawn matches, if cricket really wants to appeal to the masses, it must change.
– Salman Khan

Cricket is very big in south Asian countries, South Africa, Australia and England. But it's not very popular around the world; it lacks the involvement of different nationalities. I've seen that in cricket stadiums in the UAE, there are friendly matches only between people from India and Pakistan, not between people from other countries. UAE is changing that with the upcoming Sports City and there's a growing interest in cricket with T20.
– Sukitha Fernando

Everything has to change to keep up with the demands of time. Sport is no different. T20 comes in as a refreshing change after the age-old formats of cricket. We are more interested in seeing the ball fly to all corners of the field and enjoy the quick runs than worry about the minute details. Adaptation is essential for survival, be it cricket or any other sport.
– Roshni Ahuja

It needs to be more international, perhaps marketed
differently in countries where it's not as popular.
I get glimpses of the game through my colleagues but not enough to fully grasp it. To enjoy the game you need to know what's going on.
– Mohammad Shihab