Mobile technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. Most of us probably feel connected to our mobile phones and cannot imagine life without them. While they help us stay connected to each other, there is also a downside to this fast-growing method of staying in touch. Many medical articles have been published on the impact of mobile radiation on peoples' health. As a result, many have tried to reduce their exposure by using items such as hands-free devices.

My hearing has become worse due to mobile phone usage.

There is a significant difference. In the past year my hearing seems to have become muffled. Everyone has different phones and devices, so when you're on the phone with someone they might have different microphone volumes. You might inadvertently crank up the volume on your own earpiece just to hear them and then they're loud in your ear. It can be a problem.
– Nicole Wabaunsee

People spend a lot of time with their ears pressed to the phone or headphones. Sometimes just to pass the time, like in traffic. People use their mobiles much more then they used to, so I can see this being a problem for people.
– Walid Al Nokrashy

The noise pollution caused by all these gadgets is getting out of hand, especially the mobile phones. But they're necessary in our society. People are using them constantly, and I've noticed that I have to repeat myself sometimes when talking to a colleague. They'll say, "Beg your pardon" or "What did you say", even though I'm speaking loud and clear.
– Shravni Chopra
Mumbai, India

My hearing has deteriorated greatly due to mobile phones, especially when using wireless devices that are always attached to the ear. I'm a real estate agent, and I have to be on the phone all the time, so it affects me a lot. But such harmful effects are produced, not just because of mobile phones, but also a combination of other gadgets like iPods.
– Hari Krishnan

My vision becomes bleary after working for over half an hour on a handheld device.

These tools are becoming a requirement in today's world. Vision is becoming poorer but we have to tolerate it. Right now people's time is vital. Everyone is rushing to get things done. We have no choice but to move forward with technology and accept the consequences.
– Mohammad Salah Al Deen Gazi

Technology is a good thing. I work in the technical field and I notice how everything that's new in the market is extremely fast and helps get things done quickly. Of course, there are drawbacks, but its benefits are more. It also depends on the person and their occupation, because it won't affect them unless they use the device for long hours.
– Dhwanit Shah

With the small font sizes and the constant glare from the screens, it does get tiring after using computers or handheld devices for more than an hour. I'm in telemarketing, and I feel the need to take a break every few minutes. It's worsening now, it wasn't this way before. The times are changing.
– Leonores Ariola

I don't feel any strain on my eyes after a half hour. It takes much longer for my eyes to feel weak, perhaps five or six hours. I believe it depends on the person. Some people are not accustomed to small scripts and the harsh glare from screens, so it affects them faster.
– Toni Uy

Fear of ear tumours from phone radiation has made me use hands-free headset.

It seems like it would be more comfortable but personally I'm not really scared of using my mobile. It's essential for me. I have to use it. Also, my friends and I don't really think about ear tumours when we're using them.
– Wala Al Deen Mohammad

It makes sense, all the radiation and not to mention all the waves that bombard the human body from so many sources. These things affect you. I actually turn off all the electrical appliances when I go to sleep at night. I've also heard of deaths that could have been attributed to phone radiation-causing tumours.
– Faten D.

The use of mobile phones is inevitable. I try not to use it very often myself, but I don't really think about the issue when I do. I don't think most people do. But people should definitely be aware of the risk, especially since it's such an essential part of our lives these days.
– Volha Nikitina

I use a hands-free headset while driving, firstly for my safety and secondly to avoid harming my ears. I use my mobile phone a lot because of my work, but I try to use alternatives as well. If I can communicate through email, text messaging or some other method, I do my best to use it. I care about this issue, because it's my health at the end of the day.
– Jouhaina Sari Al Deen

Governments need to focus medical research on the health impact of wi-fi.

People should be aware of it. More knowledge of it would definitely be beneficial for everyone. It's good to investigate and become aware of such things, to get more exposure on the subject.
– Sandhya Kharideha

People are always expecting the government to foot the bill but in this case I don't think it should be up to them. I think the manufacturers and the companies that produce these products should invest their resources in research. I personally don't know much about the risks and whether it's hype or a legitimate concern.
– Riyaz Neem

I'm sure that with all this new technology, even wi-fi causes some health problems. The government should definitely do research on this matter. If they were able to find alternatives to it, I would definitely be a user. The problem is, there is just no awareness about the health impact of using wi-fi, and I feel people should be made aware through various media like television, radio and newspapers.
– Suraj Vaswani

Even with research on certain products, it hasn't really changed peoples' attitudes towards its consumption. But it is the duty of the Ministry of Health to carry out research and make it public. It is also very important for companies to include cautionary warnings about harmful effects of their products.
– Mohammad Usman Shaikh