Never has there been a greater need for taxis than in these rapidly developing times. Abu Dhabi recently introduced 300 new taxis, and the authorities are always finding new ways to upgrade public transport services.

But many say that if the average commuter's day is not completely ruined by the endless traffic and hectic lifestyle, then moody taxi drivers often finish the job.

From ignoring waiting customers to behaving rudely, taxi drivers seem to be the bane of travellers. How much of their attitude is actually their fault?

One of the main causes for arguments between passengers and taxi drivers is the driver's attitude.

Many taxi drivers are not considerate towards their passengers. Many refuse to take us to certain locations because of the traffic and they make a big fuss when we have high denomination currency notes and no change. In situations like these, I just ignore their grumbling. But, I once had an encounter at night with a taxi driver who was drunk. That was just too much.
– Ali Ahmad

Many people don't realise the reasons why some taxi drivers behave rudely. They don't hold a personal grudge against every passenger. They drive for 10 to 12 hours a day and have relatively low pay. No one stops to think about them. Sometimes passengers are rude as well, and why should drivers treat customers with respect when the feeling is not mutual?
– Siamak Rahnama

They are rude sometimes. Taxi drivers are not particularly polite to women. They occasionally look at them from the rear view mirror, which may spark an argument between a female passenger and the driver. Another main cause of arguments is the fare. If a passenger has to travel a long distance, then it may spark an argument because of how expensive the journey may be.
– Tanseem Karam

I think most taxi drivers do not respect their passengers and they insist on doing everything their way. In Dubai especially, they are rude and very choosy about their customers because they don't want to go out of the way. For instance, just recently a taxi driver left me halfway to my destination because he said his duty was over and there was too much traffic down the road.
– Bhing B.

Fatigue and road stress could be the reasons for their poor driving etiquette.

I was in Dubai four years ago and since I returned, I've found many major changes, especially in the behaviour of taxi drivers. My husband drives from Bur Dubai to Dubai Media City everyday and because of the construction and traffic, he's always stressed out. Even my children spend two hours every morning just to get to school. If it's so tiring and chaotic for us, I can only imagine what it must be like for taxi drivers.
– Vaishali Mehta

Along with fatigue and road stress, taxi drivers don't get paid well enough. If the working conditions were better for them I'm sure they would be better drivers. Also, I don't blame them for selecting which areas to take passengers. The horrible traffic forces them to do this.
– Tariq Iqbal

That's one part of it. In Sharjah, I used to always be upset with taxi drivers but when I changed my attitude, they behaved better towards me. When I spoke to them, they said that they are frustrated because they have certain quotas that need to be met. So they drive around all day in order to be paid for their services and to meet the goal given to them.
– Alia Abdul Gani

Once when I was in a taxi at about 2am, we almost had an accident because the driver was falling asleep on the wheel. I understand how tired they must be, having to drive all day, especially when we add this the stress of traffic. I also heard taxi drivers barely have any vacation time. It's no wonder they behave this way.
– Glenn Darius

Passengers treat taxi drivers with contempt and aggression.

People become aggressive very rarely and most of the time it's because they have to wait for long hours for taxis. Since drivers are so moody and do what they like, it irritates the passengers. I have had many bad experiences and have complained to their customer service centre several times. If the taxi drivers did their job and did it well, why would anyone treat them badly?
– Richard Osuagweu

I believe that passengers may treat drivers with contempt more than aggression. They can be verbally rude and abusive but not physically aggressive. A friend of mine who was sharing a taxi with another passenger witnessed her being rude to the driver, because he did not know how to reach the area she wanted to go to.
– Irshad Azeez

I think the taxi drivers are usually at fault. I am generally nice to them, because I understand what they go through every day with the traffic. I don't know how other passengers behave with drivers. But taxi drivers are definitely ruder than their customers because they have plenty of things to be angry about, such as their low wages and long hours.
– Yohaan Kerawalla

Taxi drivers are aggressive and speak with contempt to passengers. A person may wait for a long time before a taxi arrives, and when it does the driver might not take the person. Many taxis refuse to go to certain areas and that causes arguments. Some passengers might either leave the taxi or be told to leave by the drivers themselves.
– Ehsan Salim

Taxis should have security cameras to protect both the driver and the passenger.

There are a lot of cases where people, especially youngsters, have been molested or abused by taxi drivers. I definitely encourage installing cameras in taxis. It will help in stopping this kind of behaviour and make the ride safer and more comfortable for passengers.
– Jason Peter

I definitely would like to see security cameras in taxis. I actually have friends and acquaintances that have been victims of abuse by taxi drivers. One would think it would have changed with uniformed drivers and a more organised system, but such horrible incidents still occur. Also, I am sure that girls who travel by taxis would appreciate these security cameras, especially during the night.
– Namitha Giridharan

I am visiting from South Africa. Life there is dangerous. Both the taxi drivers and their passengers are at risk of being assaulted, physically and maybe even violently. A security camera will help make sure that they are both safe. If the driver or the passenger tried to hurt the other, then there is proof about the crime. However, I do not think that they are needed here.
– Ross Templeton
South Africa

With cameras, the passengers will be safer. They can be used to protect passengers, especially women. Sometimes, there are illegal things happening in taxis. A camera system will stop that because they do not want to get caught. If they still try to do it, there is proof caught on film.
– Pooja Garjria