Any concerns the younger generation may have about having to care for their elderly parents could be unfounded as the US-based Population Reference Bureau shows that most of the older generation today enjoy a healthy lifestyle independent from their children. They socialise, play sports and travel. As a result, the way that an elderly person is viewed traditionally has changed in society. How do you think having an increased life span is impacting society, especially the demographic structure?

The elderly no longer like being dependent on their children.

Dependency is unavoidable as we are social beings who need support emotionally, physically and financially. Economic independence can be planned but as they age, parents need medical supervision and assistance. Even though they wish that they could be independent, life sometimes does not always allow it. Children have a duty to tend to the elderly.
– Rekha Ram
Abu Dhabi

When people grow older, their pride and sense of independence grows with them. Although they do not want to be alone, the elderly want to be in their own houses. After bearing a heavy load of responsibilities they need to relax. Being dependent on their children may not allow that because children might have a different lifestyle compared to their parents.
– Annie Samuel
Umm Al Quwain

It is true that we find many elderly people staying alone. But it is not because the elderly do not like to be dependent on their children. Rather, they are forced to stay alone because of the fast-paced lifestyle that people have nowadays. They may not be financially dependent, but they depend on their children to provide them with their company and affection.
– Raju Mathew

The elderly still need help with many things in their lives. They might prefer having their children around to take care of them if they have trouble doing something, especially if it is related to things that their children are experienced in such as technology. In Arab culture, the elderly like staying close to their children because it re-enforces the closeness of the family.
– Ehab Ebrahim

Turning sixty is the new forty!

As a person who is considerably nearer to 60 than 40, I sincerely hope that it is true. In all seriousness though, I am a strong believer in the old adage that you are as young as you feel. People should make the most of their health while it is still good because they never know when it may suddenly be taken away from them.
– Paul Sherlock

I think that it is for some because now people are more aware about different lifestyles and what is good or bad for their health. Since they now have more access to such information, they adapt themselves to a healthier lifestyle by exercising more, avoiding harmful foods and not smoking. When they do that, they are able to live longer and feel younger.
– Vladimir Sabljarebic

I'm still here. Nowadays there is greater understanding about how to live better and longer, which many people take advantage of. Elderly people should not be regarded as not being able to do as much as they used to. Just because people are in their later years, it does not mean that they cannot be just as active as the younger generation.
– David Cole

Many people nowadays are able to live longer because of things like better healthcare and lifestyles. In many countries, citizens might eat food that is considered to be a staple in their culture but might not be good for their health. After learning new information about how to care better for yourself in all aspects of your life, you find that you can live longer and healthier.
– Jan Staab

Retirement age should be changed to 75.

It would be a blessing for expatriates to be allowed to work until the age of 75. Work requirements are strict, such as needing to have a five-year work experience in your country of origin, three-year work experience in the Gulf and a higher education degree. Marriage and domestic responsibilities are next once you reach 35. At 55 there are hardly any savings left for retirement.
– Barbara Ali

Old is gold but preferred only in selected areas where expertise is more important. Increasing the retirement age will lead to more chaos and unrest among the educated youth. And increasing the retirement age may sound good as a service for the elderly but the economy of any organisation cannot afford their expenses after 30 years of service.
– Shahul Kabeer

There are people who are still able to work when they are 75 because they are very active. If individuals are still able to do their job efficiently then they should be given the option to continue working. But people should be able to choose when they can retire because there are some in their 40s who are not as active as the older generation.
– Ammar Khalid

I know a lot of people who retired when they were 65 and they don't feel as energetic as they used to be. If they had the ability to work until they were 75, they probably would have been much happier. Companies should let their employees decide their retirement age instead of forcing them to stop when they are still capable of doing their jobs.
– Marta Fitoria

Old parents with young children are becoming a norm, as couples wait longer to start a family.

As life is becoming more expensive these days, many wait until they feel financially capable of taking care of their children. Since many women also work, having children is being delayed while they work on their careers. This shows how much lifestyles have changed because everyone is busier, even children. It's very different from the way people one or two generations ago used to live.
– Sara Mehdipour

People are concentrating on their careers first until they are financially secure. Also, many parents hire nannies to look after their children so that they can be free to pursue their careers. While it's good that parents are ensuring that their children have everything that they need, when parents have children at a later age, there might be a large generation gap that might cause some problems.
– Harry Maltby

People don't like to get married early because they are worried about their financial situation. Some don't feel ready or willing to handle such a large responsibility or prefer to focus on their careers first. Also, because of advancements in the healthcare industry, they don't have to worry about conceiving. When children have older parents, they benefit from their experience and also are exposed to good values and habits.
– Nilmereneaus Maratas

People are making sure that they have planned well when it comes to having a family because they don't want to risk not being able to provide for them. Also, when people see young parents they learn that having children is not something that should be rushed into. It's wrong to risk your children's future by not making sure you are able to provide for them comfortably.
– Melanie Poblete