Many in today's society bemoan the loss of old-fashioned values such as chivalry, saying that they have died and no longer have a place in our lives. However, according to, the quality can still be present in modern society despite women and men being taught that such behaviour is archaic and demeaning. Do you know anyone who has acted chivalrous recently? How? Is such behaviour dead or is it still a part of today's society?

Most men no longer care about the ancient code of honour, courage, justice and grace.

In younger men it's true but older men do behave chivalrously. When men get older they become more respectful and care about more things than when they were younger. In the East, chivalry and respect is an important part of the culture but in the West, like in the UK, it isn't as important anymore.
– Nick Watts
Abu Dhabi

My husband is the most chivalrous person I know. He still opens the door for me, even after being married for 10 years. He also always carries my bags and when we are walking into a room, he makes sure that I enter before he does. He is always worried about my safety so whenever I reach my destination, I have to call him to reassure him that I'm all right.
– Karyn Trevers

Chivalry is a bit dead in the younger generations. It might be because they think that women don't want to be treated like that. Men nowadays don't know how to act because they're not sure what reaction to expect when they are courteous to women. So many play it safe and act indifferent to women. Whenever my husband becomes overly concerned or overprotective of me, I don't like it.
– Alison Ferrari

Despite how modern society has become and all the advances that were achieved, women are still women — so why should they be treated any differently? They still should be treated with respect and courtesy. I always open doors and I am polite to women because many women appreciate such gestures. I think many women say that chivalry is dead because they want it back.
– Sa'ad Khan

Feminism has killed chivalry.

Nowadays, everything is different compared to how things were in my father's time. Old-fashioned values are not as important anymore so many people aren't following them. People do not care a lot about these traditions and values because they don't match today's lifestyle. But some people are trying to keep these traditions alive by passing them down, such as from father to son.
– Shruthi Sajeev
Abu Dhabi

When the feminist movement first began, I don't think that they wanted that to happen but unfortunately, it did. Now men aren't as polite as the generations before them were because they don't think that we appreciate such gestures. But women still want men to be chivalrous even though society has become more modern. When men act like that, it shows us that they respect us.
– Ruth Christian

Being chivalrous isn't about being dominant. In today's society, everyone is equal. But today women are being looked at in a very commercialised way, such as whether can they help promote a product or company, so it would be nice if a man were to be chivalrous. I think men don't act like that anymore because now they are constantly competing with women.
– Briynka Padiyar

Because everything in society is about both men and women being equals, that has killed the idea of chivalry. Some men became less polite to women because of that but there are others that still treat women respectfully.
– Samad Tavana

Chivalry is about courtesy and not about women being weaker.

In the Philippines, being polite and courteous is a sign of the way that a person was raised. It doesn't mean that women are weaker; it's just a sign of respect towards them. Such actions are simply a reflection of a person's culture when it comes to the women and are usually passed down from generation to generation.
– Emmanuel Bautista
Abu Dhabi

Not a lot of people are as polite anymore. It depends mostly on a person's culture and the way they regard women. Some women like it when a man is chivalrous because they think that it shows that a man respects them. But others don't because they think that when a man acts like that they think that the woman is weak.
– Sulaiman Shahid

In the West, men don't act like that anymore because it's not a part of their culture while in the East it's still being practiced. For men, sometimes we don't act chivalrous because we're not sure how women will interpret our actions. But I'm always polite to women because it's a sign of respect and the way I was brought up, not because I think they are weak.
– Abdul Rahman Chowehry

I don't think that chivalry exists anymore because everyone is focusing on things like gender equality. Also, sometimes when men act chivalrous it's because they want something in return. I might open a door for a woman because that was the way I was raised but if she were attractive, I would probably do it just so I could meet her.
– Nader Khan

It shouldn't be restricted to only men but applied across genders.

The concept of chivalry is one that shouldn't be limited to men only. It's just as important for women to have these values. Women have always been depicted as having very feminine characteristics, such as being soft-spoken and gentle. But women shouldn't let that dictate who they should be.
– Carmen Khabbaz
Abu Dhabi

It should be applied to everyone because these days, men and women are equals in society. But nowadays people aren't as polite to each other as they might have been in the past. Some reasons for that could be that children are being spoiled, or haven't been taught proper manners by their parents or were raised in an unstable environment. So they aren't aware about things like being respectful.
– Lara Said

Because in today's society everyone is equal, then it's logical that both men and woman act chivalrous. In order for society to be balanced, everything should be divided equally. So both sexes should be respectful and polite to everyone because that is how society has become. It's no longer focused on men only but rather has become open to everyone.
– Neha Varma

Women asked for equality and so they should also be expected to act courteously. But nowadays, such behaviour isn't common. Things like vulgarity in music, movies, and media and in everyday interactions have caused people to become rude. It's become difficult to expect courteous and chivalrous behaviour from anyone.
– Mohammad Zaitoun