Another year is nearing its end, making way for a new one filled with many events and experiences yet to be unveiled.

Looking back at 2007, some may feel a sense of pride at what they have accomplished while others may be saddened at their inability to reach the goals set for themselves.

With 2008 just around the corner, a lot of people might be contemplating about all that has happened internationally, locally or on a personal level. How has it been for you? What are your expectations from 2008?

I came to Dubai about five months ago but have managed to make many friends. Initially, I had friends only from my own nationality but because my workplace has people from different backgrounds, I was exposed to different languages and cultures. I'm happy to say I found lots of friends here, and I hope to make more in the future.
– Godwin Mendonca

Life without friends is extremely dull, and I think making friends should be a top priority for everyone. I joined university this year and met a lot of new people. Since I plan on transferring next year, I hope to make more friends then as well. It is definitely on my list of things to do.
– Shahbaz Hamid
Abu Dhabi

I have been working in Dubai for a year and quickly became friends with people from many different nationalities. I think it's a great opportunity for people in the UAE to find new friends here, because the population is so diverse and multicultural. Everyone is warm and friendly, so it's a wonderful place to make friends.
– Rom Bautista

I recently joined college in Dubai and university life here is a lot of fun. It encourages you to meet new people and renew old acquaintances. My best experience was finding an old school friend after a really long time, and I definitely look forward to making more good friends in the coming year.
– Mustafa Ali

I managed to get my life organised.

I think I am pretty organised this year, but I don't know if it's because of any conscious changes I've made in my life. I am a naturally relaxed person, and I don't get easily stressed out. Everything has its own time and it should be done in that time – if people follow this attitude and don't waste time, they will definitely find their life more organised.
– Maimona Barri

My life has definitely become more organised this year. Since I moved here from New Zealand, I have become more responsible and have managed to organise my college work better. Also, since I don't know many people yet, I don't go out often. This has also contributed to me focusing on managing other aspects of my life.
– Lily Sohn

I think I was much more stressed out and busy this year. I recently graduated from university and do not live with my family here. Life becomes very difficult sometimes, especially when you don't have someone to lean on here. I also think I could make a lot more improvements on how I manage my time, and I hope next year will be different.
– Nazanin Najafi

Earlier, I was working in the Philippines. Compared to my life then, I think I am more organised now that I have my work schedule sorted out and my home life is settled. I also plan my days ahead of time, and I'm less stressed out because I manage my time well. I make sure I take time out to relax once in a while, to avoid being frazzled and anxious.
– Jenny Gapunuan

I ate healthier and lost weight.

I did not plan on dieting and losing weight since I am not overweight, but the workload and my busy schedule had an effect on my body. I think I ended up losing a bit of weight. Next year I will try to put on the lost weight so that I can be healthier.
– Al'aa Al Ghazo

I lost some weight this year but it was not because of healthy eating. Due to stress and some personal reasons, I was not able to concentrate on my diet. I think peace of mind is very important for healthy living and if you are stressed, it reflects on your diet and overall health. Also, the fast-paced lifestyle of Dubai tends to take a toll on you.
– Sate Shaheen

This year, I planned to focus on my health and went regularly to the gym for bodybuilding. I also altered my diet a little to complement my workout regime. It has been quite effective and hopefully I'll carry on with regular exercising as much as possible in the coming year.
– Abdul Rahim Nasir

I was not planning on losing weight since I am already quite thin. But I did lose weight since I am addicted to junk food even though it does not suit me. I plan on eating healthier and hopefully intend on developing a taste for green vegetables. This will probably help me put on some weight in the coming year.
– Anam Qaisar

I gave more importance to family than work.

I always make an effort to balance my work time with the time I spend at home with my family. My little daughter means everything to me and after work; I make sure I spend all my free time with my family, as it is very easy to overcome personal and professional problems with your family by your side.
– Fawaz Saffar

Having recently joined college, I have found it difficult to juggle my education, work and family life. Travelling takes up most of my time every day and because of so many commitments, I get to spend very little time with my family. Hopefully, things will get better in the coming year but I do not see it changing much.
– Syed Mehdi

I have been able to spend a lot of time with my family, but it also depends on the situation. I have to miss family get-togethers or celebrations because of studies, but I try my best to stay connected. My results will probably decide how much time I spend with them next year.
– Ameer Hamza

Since my family is in Nigeria, it has been challenging for me to live on my own. Although it has been difficult at times, I have gained a wider perspective from meeting people who are from different countries. It has been a wonderful learning experience and hopefully I will go back to my family next year and share my knowledge of cultures with them.
– Charles Silas