My family and I have recently moved to The Gardens community in Dubai and the issue of littering is already bothering me. This area has beautiful landscaping, with quaint pathways and lush greenery. That is why it makes me so sad and upset that some people outrageously take for granted a blessing most only dream of.

All the buildings have huge trash cans situated outside the entrance. Despite that, I am shocked to see that some people prefer to leave the trash next to the trash can. Why would someone do that?

If you could bring the trash out till the garbage bin, then you might as well dump it in. It is jarring to the senses, spoils the scenic beauty of the place and pollutes the environment.

Do these people just throw trash outside the dustbin in their homes, too? I’m sure they don’t. Because they would not want their homes to be dirty and unhygienic. Then why do they think that it is alright to dump their waste and filth in a public place? It just shows that they cannot look beyond themselves. But, they need to realise that we have a social and ethical obligation towards the community we live in as well as the planet we share with fellow human beings. Additionally, it is an offence to litter and can result in a fine.

For perspective, I’d like to mention that this is a disgustingly inconsiderate attitude and is not limited to just one community. It’s a common sight to see an empty can or a crisp wrapper carelessly thrown outside trash cans in public areas. The building I lived in before, in the in Jumeirah Lakes Towers area, had a similar issue. People would leave garbage next to the garbage chute!

Paulami Chakravorty, a homemaker based in The Gardens, has also come across this issue and is bothered by it.

She said: “It is very common to see trash kept outside the garbage bins. It seems like these people have a sense of responsibility and commitment only towards themselves, their families and homes and do not think twice before causing inconvenience to the community they live in. Their lack of civic sense is appalling. My request to those who do it — please don’t! It is wrong at so many levels, such as environmental, aesthetic, hygiene and community.”

Aryaman Chakravorty, a student based in Dubai agrees and asks why people continue to litter despite several awareness campaigns and fines.

He said: “I fail to understand why people would throw garbage outside the trash can and then expect someone else to clean after them. We’ve been taught again and again in school and by our parents that littering is absolutely unacceptable. The people who litter, do they feel that they have no duty towards their community and planet?”

It makes me so angry to think that people consider it alright to leave trash like that and expect someone else to pick it up and place it in the chute or bins, whatever the case may be. Such an attitude is absolutely unacceptable. It’s high time that these people start realising that they have a commitment towards the community that they are a part of.

— The reader is a pupil based in Dubai.

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