Tree hazard
A reader has raised concern over an overgrown tree that is disrupting drivers' views Image Credit: Supplied

Sheela Moraes has been living in Al Qusais, Dubai for over six years. But for the last two, there has been something that has bothered her – a tree. The issue with the tree right next to her building is that it is disrupting the view of drivers, proving to be a safety hazard.

The tree is situated at a crucial spot where cars from two different roads need to turn. The tree is tall and has overgrown to the point that it is completely covering the sidewalk and it is difficult to judge whether a car is on either side.

“Drivers are not able to see incoming traffic from the internal road and drive extremely slow while we approach the turning point,” the homemaker said.

The fact that Moraes lives right next to a big school is making things worse. During the day, children are walking around and being dropped off and picked up by their parents and drivers are in a rush.

“We are located right next to Apple International School and the fact that children are involved makes me even more anxious when I look at the turning point,” the 43-year-old said.

Moraes has two teenagers, aged 13 and 16 who have grown up in the area. “I have always been concerned for their safety and warned them about walking around that turn,” she said.

Those who are residents of the area and aware of the issue take precautions but those who might be new to the road might be taken by surprise.

“I have not seen an accident on that corner so far but I have seen cars breaking hard at the spot and that can be dangerous. There are also drivers driving too fast and their reaction time is decreased, if a car from the other end is coming, it can be disastrous,” she said.

Plea to authorities

Moraes is asking authorities to find a solution that helps pedestrians and rivers as well as keep the tree safe.

“The tree needs to be trimmed enough that the view is clear and kept maintained. It could also be moved to another spot if necessary,” she said.

The complaint was escalated to Dubai Municipality, but no response had come in till the time of publicationFalah Gulzar, Social Media Reporter