A reader captured this child lying at the rear window of a car and warned that parents should supervise their children at all times. Image Credit: Jyoti Mansukhani/Gulf News Reader

Children are playful and we don't expect them to understand the repercussions of their actions. You can't even stick a ‘Baby on Board' sticker on a car because it doesn't do justice to a three-foot-tall boy.

Yet, accidents are increasing in number and can happen because of the smallest reason — often because of things we take for granted.

Parents should be cautious with their children in the car, especially when the child is sitting alone and doesn't have a hand-held game to distract him.

With a case like the one in the photograph, applying sudden brakes could land the boy at the end of the other road. Children are not expected to understand protocol.

Parents should enforce mandatory rules, like ensuring their child is strapped in with a seat belt or that someone is accompanying the child in the back seat, even if the front seat is empty.

There are several campaigns on road safety and the need for seat belts is highlighted over and over again.

Efforts taken by people who run such campaigns seem to need further reinforcement when such people on the road seem to be so careless, especially with their children.

The reader is a student at Manipal University, Dubai

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