Do banks return security cheque?

I had a salary package account with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) and the same was closed, along with my credit card, in the month of May 2015. I received a clearance certificate from the bank for my account. I asked them to return my security cheque, which I gave them for a credit card. But till now, they have not returned it and every time I make a request, I get an SMS, stating my issue was resolved. I kindly request Gulf News to take up the issue with ADIB and help return my security cheque.

From Mr Mukesh Varadhan


Mr Varadhan updates:

I received a call from an ADIB customer care staff member, who told me to collect the security cheque. I went to the branch and received a copy of the cheque, written as ‘cancelled’. Bank staff informed me that they couldn’t give the original cheque. I sincerely thank Gulf News for solving this issue at a rapid pace.

The management of ADIB responds:

This issue has been resolved and the customer has been contacted.

(Process initiation: October 11. Reader updates: October 18. Response from organisation: October 19.)

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