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I need Gulf News’ help in raising a concern with my bank. I had a credit card with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), which I had settled in April 2017. Till date, the details have not been updated with Al Etihad Credit Bureau, rather, they have stated that I have an outstanding amount of Dh350 to clear. I had paid the full amount that was outstanding at the ADIB branch in Sahara Centre, Sharjah. I had taken a picture of the credit card closing form as evidence, for myself. The document has the signatures of the bank representative. At the same time, they had destroyed my card after I had paid the amount in full to the bank teller at the same branch. I visited the bank branch again on December 16, 2017, and had to deal with a rude customer relationship officer who told me to go back to the person who had taken care of the case earlier (the person who signed the form). Why should I be responsible for this, when I have paid all the dues that the bank required from me, at the time? From April to December 2017, the bank has ruined my credit history by stating I owe money, and since I have not paid them, my rating has been ruined for the same. There was no communication about the Dh350 I owe them, or else I would have settled it right there and then. But I will not support this, as it is the bank’s fault. I have a document where the bank personnel cleared my “Outstanding Balance Settled”.

From Mr Fahad Shaikh


The management of ADIB responds:

Thank you for raising this issue to us. The Customer was contacted and his issue was resolved. The charges were imposed on the card as the Bank received the payment after due date. As a gesture from ADIB, we have already reversed the charges and are working on getting his delinquency removed from the credit bureau.

Mr Shaikh responds:

Thank you for raising my concerns. With Gulf News’ help, the issue has been resolved and my credit report has been cleared.

(Process initiation: January 27, 2018. Response from organisation: January 30, 2018. Process completion: April 18, 2018)

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