In today's celebrity-obsessed society, superstars are used as role models for many things, including marriage. However, celebrity marriages have been notorious for being short lived. Examples of that include Britney Spears' now infamous 55-hour marriage.

But there are also celebrities that have been happily married for many years, such as Mel Gibson's 28-year marriage to his wife Robyn. Perhaps, people may be confused about what marriage is all about and when is the best time to get married.

Do you know anyone who is married or is considering marriage? What are their thoughts about it? How do you think marriages can survive beyond their golden anniversary?

It is better to marry at a younger age.

When you're young, you don't fully understand the real world and what it means to be mature. Marriage is filled with responsibilities, which maybe aren't taken into account because the couple haven't gone past the initial stages yet. Young couples usually focus on physical attraction instead of planning for their future together.
– Fritz Boonen
Abu Dhabi

It's better to wait before getting married. If a couple decides to marry young, then they miss out on a lot things that they wouldn't be able to do because of things like family obligations. But if they wait until they are a bit older, then they would be able to experience the world before settling down.
– Lisa Acebedo
Abu Dhabi

It's better to wait than to rush into marriage. Once you're mature enough to handle that then you should start considering it. Marriage is a lot of responsibility and, especially for men; you have to be able to provide for your family. People have to be able to manage all the situations that might come from being married.
– Ali Pervez

There are some people who want to marry when they are as young as 19, which isn't a good idea. There's a lot of responsibility that comes with being married so it shouldn't be rushed. First they have to make sure that at least one of them is working so they can support their family. Then they can think of marriage.
– Amnah Sajid
Abu Dhabi

A good marriage is about individual nature and nothing to do with age.

I know someone who is 18 years old and is getting married next year. She's very mature for her age because a person can't just lightly get into something like that. It takes maturity and commitment because once you're married you're pledging to stay with that person forever. But nowadays, there aren't as many marriages because people don't feel they are ready to settle down.
– Mario Turgeon
Abu Dhabi

Marriage is about commitment, so you have to be mature enough to handle it. It's a promise to share your life with someone else and later maybe even have children. If a person can't handle all that then they shouldn't get married because it's a lot of responsibility and they have to be able to deal with whatever happens.
– Michelle Karillo
Abu Dhabi

Age isn't a factor in a good marriage. It depends on the characters and maturity of the couple. A person who is in his or her twenties can have the maturity of a thirty-year-old and vice versa. But nowadays there are a lot of young marriages. They should first understand what marriages are really about. Once they do, then they can think about settling down.
– Naheet Malik

While age is a factor in getting married, it's more about the maturity of the person rather than their biological age. Just because someone is older doesn't necessarily mean that they are wiser than the younger generation. But people shouldn't wait too long or else there would be a problem with the generation gap between them and their children.
– Saleem Bava

It is better to marry when you are older and wiser about the world.

It's more about learning to live with a person who comes from a different background. Even if you are older when you get married, they'll still be the same experiences as they would be if you marry young. The only difference would be that you are more financially secure. I would like to be married by a certain age because of my biological clock.
– Melody Pino
Abu Dhabi

If a person is mature enough to handle what comes with a marriage such as children, then age isn't really a factor. People don't have to be mature physically but rather emotionally and psychologically to deal with what happens in a marriage. Some people are young but mature while there are those who are older and are still immature.
– Orlando Montives
Abu Dhabi

A person shouldn't wait too long to get married because there never is really a good time to get married. I think the ideal time for people to be married is in their mid-twenties because then they would have experienced the real world and at they still have enough time to build a family. Otherwise it might be too late.
– Mohammad Farhan

People shouldn't wait too long to get married. When they do that and then have children, they risk having a big generation gap between them. But even though it's better to marry young, people shouldn't rush into it. They should first work for a few years. But they shouldn't put it off to the point where they don't have anything in common with their children.
– Ahmad Hayat

A long and happy marriage is just a myth.

Even though now it seems to be a trend for couples to break up or divorce, marriage is about commitment. If there is a problem then they should discuss it and find a solution instead of trying to run away from the problem. When they do that, they become closer and it strengthens their marriage.
– Rosario Joy Montives
Abu Dhabi

I'm from Egypt and in my culture family is very important. When couples are still newlyweds, they are still learning a lot about each other so there are bound to be some arguments. But they learn to work through it and that helps them become stronger, especially in the future when they have children and are raising a family.
– Ahmad Shebl
Abu Dhabi

It can be done but it depends on the couple. My parents made a lot of compromises but I think that nowadays people aren't like that. Many are selfish and prefer to focus on themselves and their careers. But there are also people who want to have a family and are willing to do what it takes.
– Furheen Seddiqi
Abu Dhabi

People value their independence. I have had women tell me that they prefer being single rather than become dependent on someone. But it depends on the people involved, since marriage is a meeting of two people from different backgrounds. They have to overcome many things but once they do that, they are able to establish a solid foundation for their future.
– Ahmad Mohammad Bello