I live in Al Khail Gate Phase 1, Dubai. A few days ago, when my brother and I went to play in the neighbourhood park, we saw six puppies without their mother in the open area behind building 11. They were in an open sandy area, with absolutely no protection.

Since then, we have been seeing them in the same spot every day. Many of our friends have also spotted them. We all give them any food items we have.

These puppies look like they are from a good breed and they drink milk and eat bread or buns. Nobody seems to be coming forward as their owner, and we have never seen their mother with them.

It seems to have become a ritual now for us to go downstairs, find them there and feed them together. We all have a lot of fun!

My brother, Akil Javeed, a pupil, simply loves all the puppies. Some of the other neighbourhood children have grown so close to the puppies and have even kept names for all of them and consider them as their buddies.

The puppies make them and all their friends really happy and none of them want to stay away from them. But, unfortunately, none of us can take them home.

I feel worried that they might die due to starvation. Also, these puppies run and hide in a nearby steel waste dump yard, which has a lot of steel structures that may slip and fall on them or hurt them.

I even fear that they may become stray dogs in the future, which will not be a comfortable situation for them or the residents of the area. I wish someone who has a facility to take care of dogs at home could save these puppies soon and give them good shelter, food and care.

I tried calling a few animal welfare organisations, on the numbers that I found online, but was either unable to get through or their numbers weren’t active. I still haven’t been able to help the abandoned puppies in being rescued. So, if anyone can help, then please rescue these pretty puppies soon and save them. I hope you can make a change!

— The reader is a pupil based in Dubai.