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Jasper, K9Friends

Jasper is a sweet boy that adores cuddles and playtime. He loves to play tug of war. He is a great companion to a family with a villa and garden to run around in. A handsome boy with a slightly misaligned jaw, means sometimes he makes a cute sniffing noise.

Obama, K9Friends

Meet Obama, a well-trained older boy that would make a great companion to a couple or a family with older children. He is used to life in a home. Obama deserves to spend the rest of his doggy days with a loving and understanding new family.

Daisy, K9Friends

An energetic little bundle of fluff, Daisy is a seven-month-old pup just starting out her life. She loves a good run around and play in the park, but also gives wonderful cuddles. She is a great lifelong companion and perfect for a young family.

Almond, K9Friends

Almond’s big heart is ready to love you! This sweet, shy girl has a lovely personality, and a playful character to match. She would be an ideal addition to a family that has a garden. She is a great companion who expects lots of love, care and cuddles.

Wasl, K9Friends

Wasl is a handsome and sweet boy. Found abandoned on the streets, Wasl is now looking for the perfect family with an abundance of love to give.

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