Home rituals in the UAE
Image Credit: Pexels

Moving house is a major life event. Moving house in the UAE however, is not so unusual. Because most residents rent, rather than buy, it is more flexible for them to upgrade, downgrade, or simply just crave a change and move to another neighborhood. More and more homes are being handed over in the UAE, specifically in Dubai and Sharjah. Recently,on May 28, Arada has delivered its first Nasma Residences homes to owners. To celebrate this, some residents shared their rituals to increase the odds of a lucky start in their new home.

1. Scotland

“In the UK, when you move into a new property, the neighbors would usually always bring you home baking rounds as a welcome gift and vice versa.” - Andy Lyons from Edinburgh.

2. India

“In the Hindu tradition, we boil milk on our new stove in an open pot until it boils over the sides. This symbolizes the abundance of prosperity and food, which will bless the new home. After it has boiled over, we offer some to the deities of our choice and we serve the milk with a bit of sugar to the guests in our home” – Vinita Wahi from Kolkata

3. Iraq

“In Iraq, whenever we move into a new house, my father usually recites the Athan out loud in the empty space as a form of blessing." - Ruba Nihad from Mosul.

4. The Philippines

“In the Philippines we usually invite a priest to bless the house and invite a lot of guests over for a food fest” - Mary Garcia from Luzon Island.

5. Palestine

“In Palestine, we usually play Quran in the house for the entire day to bless the house”– Hazar Kamal from Jerusalem.

6. Egypt

“In Egypt, we place the blue evil eye sign on the door to keep envy and bad luck away” – Yasmine Massoud from Cairo.

7. Syria

“In Syria, we place the blue evil eye icon on the door and walk in with our right foot first instead of the left one” – Kamil Khoury from Damascus.

8. Lebanon

“In Lebanon, we stick dough with coins on top of the door as a form of good luck” – Rayan Awada from Beirut

9. Jamaica

“In Jamaica, we burn sage inside the house as a form of blessing and good luck and we sprinkle prosperity oil on the doorstep. However, when you’re building a home, and just before you move in, a goat is sacrificed and slaughtered.” - Rosina Casserly from Kingston.