Ducklings try to cross a road in Maine, US
Ducklings try to cross a road in Maine, US Image Credit: Screenshot from video

What you need to know:

  • 45 ducklings cross a road, cause traffic jam.
  • Drivers wait patiently for the parade to pass. 
  • Mama duck escorted all her babies to the other side of the road. 

Dubai: Why did 45 ducklings cross a road in Biddeford, Maine, US? Literally, to get to the other side. And, in the process, created the cutest traffic jam ever.

A video of a mother duck getting her 45 feather-babies to the other side of a five-lane road on August 8 did the rounds on social media, making hearts melt online.

According to a report by news website News Center Maine, the incident took place at 8am on Alfred Road, as people made their morning commute to work.

In a two-minute long video, 45 ducklings, in two groups, stopped lanes of drivers in both directions. These mighty ducklings formed a single file and followed their mother across the road, completely oblivious to the traffic jam being caused because of them.

Almost 20 cars waited patiently for the birds to get to a pond located on the other side of the road. The cars even waited for two stragglers that fell behind from the group.

Online reactions

The video was uploaded on Facebook by Karen Ramunno.

Users couldn’t cope with the cuteness in video and even commented on the kindness and patience of the drivers. The scene looked like one out of a Disney film.

The video, uploaded by Ramunno , was later shared on other social media platforms and by many news agencies as well.

Users found the video “adorable” and “loveable”. Facebook user, Amy Kearns posted: “I showed this to the kids tonight and Cameron says mum, ‘If people can show love to those ducks why can’t people just love and respect each other?’ Thanks for sharing Karen Ramunno.”

And Facebook user Melissa Mary posted: “Karen, you were in the right place at the right time! Love this video and happy to see other drivers were nice enough to stop for the little parade and enjoy what nature has to offer us every single day.”

On Twitter, users called the video “wholesome”.

Tweep @suzyedwards37 posted: “This just makes me smile.”

Others joked about the incident and called the mother duck “dedicated”, deserving of the title: “Mum of the year”.

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