Dr Manjunatha Srinivasaiah, Specialist Orthopaedic Surgery and dedicated expert for chronic pain, Dr Josef Polyclinic Karama Image Credit: Supplied

There is much more to persistent pain than simple hurting. It is considered a complex disease. Chronic back pain can become the biggest burden of your life: keeping you sleepless, taking away pleasure to enjoy with family and friends, impacting all aspects of your private and professional life. All of this can become overwhelming and cause a vicious circle of increasing pain and distress.

Chronic back pain is not easy to fix. Often you need to escalate treatment plans from a simple prescription of analgesics to more complex therapy. In a few cases, a complete cure will not be possible and there will remain some level of pain.

Amber Clinics’ Orthopaedic Departments offer safe and effective treatment of chronic pain. The doctor will evaluate the nature of the pain and assess in detail whether and to what extent the pain impacts your psychological state and social life. The ultimate goal of the treatment is to eliminate or at least reduce chronic pain in order to improve your quality of life and help return to a normal, productive lifestyle.

Successful treatment is always multimodal, tailored to the specific situation and needs of the patient: every patient is different. The treatment modalities include medication, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, complementary medicine (such as acupuncture) and self-management (lifestyle and diet). 

Treatment principles of chronic pain management:

Identify the underlying cause of chronic pain (primary pathology) and begin respective therapy 

Specific analgesic treatment, according to WHO recommendations


Joint replacement, interventional minimally invasive therapy

Identify the impact of pain on psychological and socio-economic status (secondary pathology) and treat accordingly

Supportive therapy


Antidepressive therapy

Identify underlying environmental or occupational health causes (tertiary pathology) and provide respective lists of activities to eliminate

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