Oven-baked sea bream Image Credit: Saleha Ambreen/Intern

Dubai: Latin American cuisine makes for a fair share of the UAE’s culinary landscape, but if you haven’t tried it yet, Gaucho, an Argentine restaurant in Dubai, is a good place to start.

During my visit there recently, I sampled its three-course business lunch set menu. There were two varieties to choose from: ‘Feel Great’ and ‘Feel Good’. Both sounded appealing, but I settled for the former after taking a quick look at the description of each meal. ‘Feel Great’ was a more meaty affair compared to the low-calorie ‘Feel Good’ offering.

I began with a blueberry fizz – a fine blend of crushed blueberries with vanilla and topped up with Perrier. It was refreshing.

For starters I was served the fugazza – a sourdough bread topped with cheddar cheese and caramelised onion. I have to say it’s a must-try for all cheese lovers. It sure did whet my appetite and set me up for the main course – the Gaucho Burger.

Bigger than the ones at fast food joints, the beef burger with Provolone cheese, aioli, chipotle chutney, baby gem and tomato was the highlight of the meal.

The tender patty sat well with the rest of the ingredients rendering every bite a delightful one.

For dessert, I sampled the white chocolate and ginger cheesecake. Made with Praline cream, it was the perfect end to the ‘Feel Great’ lunch.

Those who want to go low on calories could go in for the ‘Feel Good’ option.

It features fire-roasted peppers and avocado for starters, an oven-baked sea bream for mains, and pineapple carpaccio for dessert.


Meal for two: Dh240

Location: Dubai International Financial Centre

Contact: 04-422 7898

We recommend: Gaucho burger, white chocolate and ginger cheesecake, oven-baked sea bream