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At Aesthetics by Aster, you can embrace the power of personalised beauty and wellness solutions

Step into a world of opulence and tranquillity at Aesthetics by Aster, where beauty and wellness intertwine seamlessly. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Aesthetics by Aster offers a range of dentistry and dermatology services designed to elevate your smile and nurture your skin to perfection. At Aesthetics by Aster, embrace the power of personalized beauty and wellness solutions.

According to Dr Loai Gaffer Ahmed Ali, a Specialist in Dermatology/Cosmetology at Aster Clinic in RAK and Sweihat, Sharjah, “Skin aging happens because of changes in the skin’s outermost layer, which includes less collagen and the breakdown of collagen fibers. The changes occur because of the buildup of toxins and free radicals from too much sun exposure or inflammation. To help with these problems, we provide different skin rejuvenation treatments customized for each person. These treatments include LASER therapy, microneedling, injectables and non-surgical face lifting.”

Dr Loai Gaffer Ahmed Ali Specialist Dermatology and Cosmetology, Aster Clinic, RAK and Sweihat, Sharjah

Dr Aneesh KP, a Specialist in Dermatology/Cosmetology at Aster Clinic in Bur Dubai (AJMC), emphasizes the importance of personalized treatment plans for hair loss. He says, “The first step in addressing hair loss is a thorough evaluation to determine the underlying cause. We then develop a treatment plan based on factors such as age, gender, hormonal imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies. Options range from oral medications and nutritional supplements to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and Hair Transplantation. PRP therapy has proven effective for various types of hair loss and can be combined with other treatments for optimal results.”

Dr Aneesh KP Specialist Dermatology and Cosmetology, Aster Clinic, Bur Dubai

Dr Aarthy Viswanathan, a Specialist in Prosthodontics & Implantology at Aster Clinic in Bur Dubai (AJMC), explains the benefits of veneers for dental concerns. She states, “Veneers are thin shell-like materials placed on top of natural teeth to improve their appearance. They can be made of either composite or porcelain and are indicated for issues such as discolored teeth, malformation, fractures, and erosion. By enhancing the aesthetics of the teeth, veneers can significantly improve a person’s smile and boost their self-confidence.”

Dr Aarthy Viswanathan Specialist Prosthodontics and Implantology, Aster Clinic, Bur Dubai

According to Dr Shaheen Abootty, a Specialist in Endodontics at Aster Clinic in Tecom, “Teeth whitening is a simple and effective in-clinic procedure that restores the natural white color of teeth by removing surface stains. Typical whitening toothpastes are ineffective in removing these stains. At Aesthetics by Aster, we utilize a whitening gel activated by a safe blue-light lamp. The procedure is divided into several sessions, and the results are visibly evident, leaving you with a brighter and more confident smile.”

Dr Shaheen Abootty Specialist Endodontics, Aster Clinic, Tecom

In conclusion, Aesthetics by Aster offers a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, guided by the expertise of a dedicated team of doctors. With personalized treatment plans and the latest advancements in dentistry and dermatology, individuals are empowered to embrace their true beauty and unleash their inner radiance. Whether you seek a radiant smile or healthy skin, Aesthetics by Aster is committed to providing exceptional care and helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. Take the first step and embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and self-care at Aesthetics by Aster. Avail our exciting packages: Skin Rejuvenation Package at Dh199, Smile Makeover Package at Dh1,199 and 30 per cent Off on Dermatology and Dental Procedures.

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