Having an idea of what your prospective employer wants can help you play up your skills to beat down competition Image Credit: Istock

With data from one of the biggest online career portals in the region, we now know exactly what employers in the UAE are looking for in terms of job skills for new hires this year.

According to Suhail Masri, VP Employer Solutions at Bayt.com, hiring prospects are getting better with upcoming projects like smart cities. Bayt compiled the below data based on the Bayt.com Job Index Survey 2016 (Middle East) and site statistics to understand the vibe of the hiring side.

Skills of an ideal employee

1. Team player

49 per cent of the surveyed UAE companies desired someone who would work well in a team as the most desired quality. These companies said that they value team-players first and foremost.

2. Bi-lingual communication skills

Being able to communicate well in Arabic as well as English came at a close-second as a desired skill with 46 per cent of the employers listing it as an ideal skill for a new hire.

3. Efficiency 

Productivity and efficiency were highly desired by 41 per cent of the respondents.

4. Leadership skills

Leadership skills are not aplenty in job-seekers and 40 per cent of the respondents feel that new hires should have this skill.

5. English communication skills

UAE with its international culture values good communication ability in English and 39 per cent of the respondents believe that this skill is an absolute requirement in a new hire.

6. Ability to work under pressure

Stress and pressure is common at most workplaces and the ability to maintain a cool head is much valued by 39 per cent of employers in the UAE.

7. Good negotiation skills

Business deals are all about the right kind of persuasion and that comes with team members who have good negotiation skills. 35 per cent of employers feel that this is a must-have.

8. Passion or ability to make a difference

Taking initiative to bring about positive change is a quality found in few. This ability can help companies grow and expand in new directions. 35 per cent of the employers want their new hire to have this skill.

9. Ability to take on challenges

It takes responsibility and a streak of risk-taking to be able to take on challenges at the work place. For the employee, this skill means growth opprtunities and 35 per cent of UAE employers feel that new employees should be able to take on challenges.

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