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New Porsche Panamera spied

Changes to the front and rear bumpers should only accelerate the car’s success.

Image Credit: Supplied picture
The new Porsche Panamera spotted.

When Porsche first released its Panamera on sale to the stunned public in 2009, we thought we might have to give it a few months for the sagging-behind styling to grow on us. It’s been almost four years, and we’re still waiting for it to grow on us…

Although, how about that hot Panamera Sport Turismo concept from last year’s Paris motor show? They should’ve done it like that from the start, but at least judging by these spy pictures sent to us from Germany, we’re in for a nip and tuck and a bit of a facelift for the Panamera’s mid-life refresh.

And don’t jokingly call it a mid-life crisis, because if it wasn’t for the Cayenne, then Porsche’s four-door saloon would be its best-selling model.

These changes to the Panamera’s front and rear bumpers, as well as the headlights and taillights (influenced by the latest Boxster and Cayman lamps) should only accelerate the car’s success.