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The Beauty Beat: Zero Makeup palette review

Everyday girl’s guide to make-up and skincare in the UAE

Image Credit: Supplied

Fuss-free is the future of make-up and the face perfecting palette from Zero Makeup nails this idea.

It’s a sleek and simply designed product that is sturdy enough to be shoved in your purse and used anywhere with just your fingers.

There are six shades, and each palette comprises a concealer, a foundation, a pink blush, red lipstick and a pressed powder. Often, in a product with these many components, there are some duds. So it was a joy to find that I could and would happily use each one without being let down. However, there were some issues I had. Here’s a quick review of each item in the palette:

Concealer: When I first dipped into this with my finger, I was impressed by how thick and pigmented it was. It’s very full coverage and for the texture alone it’s a winner. But the colour runs way too orange for my taste. It looks more like a colour corrector, which is how I use it; it’s brilliant to cancel out darkness around the mouth and under the eye.

Foundation: If the brand’s founder Nabila decided to sell just this in a larger size, I would buy it in a heartbeat. It’s one of the best base products I’ve ever used and is going to be the first thing that runs out in my palette. It’s a cream formula but is not heavy or oily. It blends seamlessly into the skin and has a good amount of coverage.

Blush and lipstick: I’m clubbing these together not because they’re bad, but because they’re just not for me. The blush leans too mauve (I prefer peachy tones), while the lipstick is a glossy formula (I prefer matte). However, would I use them in a pinch? Definitely. They’re universally flattering and can be worn to any occasion — qualities you want in a multi-purpose palette.

Pressed powder: This is my second favourite thing in the palette. Used with a large fluffy brush, it sets any foundation with a soft matte, natural finish. I love it, and would also buy this in a full size any day. A pet peeve is that if I’m heavy handed the powder can make me look a bit ashy. A slight tint for the darker shades of the palette would be better.