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The Beauty Beat: Skin care essentials for the winter

An everyday girl’s guide to beauty, skincare and loving yourself

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As soon as the season started to turn in Dubai, my skin began protesting. Think dry, chapped lips and itchy, patchy skin on my hands and fingers. I didn’t mind, of course, because along with it came my favourite part of the year — winter. Armed with these moisturising products, even you can make sure your skin is comfortable and cared for no matter how cold it gets.

Lush lip scrub

This scrub is a quick way to exfoliate and moisturise quickly — it has castor sugar and jojoba oil. The pretty glass jar is a nice addition to your bathroom counter. Use before bed, preferably before you brush your teeth because you are supposed to lick the scrub off your lips when you’re done. Then, quickly slather on this next product. Dh63 at all Lush stores.

Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm

As someone who hates wearing lip balm, this is my holy grail product for so many reasons. Firstly, it’s completely matte, meaning no cheap lip gloss-like sheen. Secondly, it smells of citrus fruits, and not the fake perfume-y kind. Thirdly, it’s full of great things such as honey, beeswax, shea butter and almond oil. All good for dry skin. Dh70 at Sephora.

L’Occitane shea butter hand cream

I can’t get enough of shea butter. It’s a proven moisturiser and this product is one for the office table. As someone who is always typing away in a freezing room — wether in the office or at home — the hands and nails tend to get a little distressed. L’Occitane hand creams come in a nice sturdy tube and smell lovely. Another beautiful scent is the Japanese cherry blossom one. From Dh43 at all L’Occitane stores.

Eucerin face cream with 5% urea

This no-frills cream is a lifesaver in cold weather. The urea helps get rid of rough patches of skin and especially helps if the cold breeze is making your face feel a little tight. Slather some on your elbows and knees, too, as those areas often suffer the most. Dh96 at

Coconut oil

People in south east Asia have been using this for generations to moisturise hair and skin, and it’s a good thing to have in your skin care arsenal. Slather some on after your shower in place of a body cream. Melt some in a warm bath for a super luxurious treat. For a hair mask, rub some oil into your scalp and tresses an hour before you wash it. Sold at most grocery stores.