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10 ways to know you are a true Dubai-ite and not an expat

Rashmi Sudharshan, a student of child psychology and a student of two, share her list

Image Credit: Gulf News Archives
"You blame your cold on the 'change in weather'."

1. You are unfazed by the "Diversion Ahead" signs and the resulting traffic jam.

2. You have regular cravings for shawarma and falafel.

3. You don't get lost in the parking lot of mega shopping malls.

4. If someone says "Friday" you automatically think "Brunch".

5. You don't know the name of the street you live on and don't see anything unusual about that.

6. You are shocked to hear that malls in the rest of the world close before midnight... yes, even on weekends!!

7. You carry a shawl - even in the peak of summer - to deal with the freezing temperatures indoors.

8. You get Sunday morning blues and look forward to kick-starting the weekend on Thursday evenings.

9. You get excited every time you hear the name "Dubai" in a movie.

10. You blame your cold on the "change in weather".