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Staying Fit review: X-Park is an adrenalin-packed playground

The latest addition to Dubai’s rapidly flourishing fitness facilities is a treat for thrill seekers

  • No need for webs to stick to walls like Spiderman Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News
  • Testing your fingers’ grip strength on a bouldering wallImage Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News
  • X-Park warmups are done on BOUNCE trampolinesImage Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

X marks the spot where the mixture of speed, strength and skill are all rolled into one adrenalin-packed experience. The latest addition to Dubai’s rapidly flourishing fitness facilities opened last month, and it’s a treat for thrill seekers, X-Park Adventure Challenge Course is a two-level, 330 sqm playground where your athleticism is put to the test, or to good use, depending on your capabilities.

“X-Park is our newest attraction at BOUNCE, Dubai and the very first to open in the region. It’s basically an obstacle adventure challenge course that combines 18 awesome stages, from parkour and a zip line, to a bouldering wall and sea of pipes... It’s suitable for all ages and abilities (as long as you’re taller than 1.25m). It’s physically challenging but guarantees lots of fun and is totally worth the effort!” says Nicholas Castanheira, Marketing Manager of BOUNCE.

Poles look easy to hold on to, but they can be tricky moving from one to the next. Arshad Ali/Gulf News


The first level of X-Park is purely parkour. You have varying platforms and beams where you can unleash your imagination and get creative as to how you want to utilise them to suit your style or skill. You then transition via a fire pole down one level where you switch gears as you’re in an entirely different environment.

A zip line will greet you and you can say goodbye to smooth sailing going forward. The next stages will require your versatility, strength and spontaneity. Every second you dangle or delay at any given obstacle is energy wasted, so think quickly and move even quicker. This is a recipe for both excitement and to some degree, exhaustion.


“It’s a unique place… X-Park has been designed to offer different levels of difficulty to allow for personal progression and creative expression. The name of the game is to complete the course in the fastest and most awesome way possible. It’s also an amazing total-body exercise, requiring agility, coordination and work from all your muscles, so whether you’re a first-timer or a hardcore, free-running master, there’s something for everyone to enjoy” Castanheira adds.

 It’s a unique place … X-Park has been designed to offer different levels of difficulty to allow for personal progression and creative expression.”

 - Nicholas Castanheira, Marketing Manager, Bounce

While a lot of mind and body coordination is involved, the element of fun is never out of focus. It is infused together with your struggle, if that makes sense to you. Personally, I was grinning from ear to ear after every successful swing at the rings.

One thing’s for sure, with so many options at free play and so many sequences to try, an hour at X-Park may not be enough to satisfy your adrenalin fix. And that’s a good thing! Because if you’re looking for thrilling ways to train and improve on your overall athletic abilities, X-Park is one of the best venues to do so.

Grab your ticket!
X-Park is located at BOUNCE, Dubai.
Access to X-Park and trampolines is Dh100.

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