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Staying Fit: How to slow it down to stay healthy

Rest and relaxation are as crucial as moving for exercise if we are to continue leading healthy lives

  • Community yoga session by Pullman at their Deira city centre hotel. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News
  • Community yoga session by Pullman at their Deira city centre hotel.Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News
  • Winnie Chen conducting community yoga session by Pullman at their Deira city centre hotel.Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Sometimes we can be intensely focused on being active that we forget to pause. We should always remember that rest and relaxation are crucial if we are to continue leading healthy lives. Not only will our bodies thank us for it, our mental state will benefit too.

A weekend at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre hotel is just the perfect setting for some respite. I normally do strenuous training during the workweek so I decided to slow down with sunset yoga at Pullman’s.

“Yoga reduces tension, it relaxes, and improves your flexibility, which is really good when you’re keeping fit. When you do yoga, you become more balanced in life, in your body and mind,” says yoga instructor Winnie Chen.

People have different reasons for doing yoga; for one, it’s a welcome change of environment. “I’ve been in Pullman DCCC for the last three months and taking all the yoga classes regularly. I come back because it’s helpful and it’s quite a nice atmosphere,” says frequent patron Kausar Malik.

“We’re living in a modern city, [there is] a lot of work, too much stress, so we need a venue to refresh ourselves,” adds Chen.

There’s also something to be said about feeling your every breath in yoga, being in the moment and meditating. You’re connecting with your body for a period of time. Chen explains her own account: “In one hour [of yoga] I only focus on my breathing and my alignment. I forget about everything, only in this one hour I stay in the present, right now, without thinking of anything. It’s finding your inner self.”

Anas Siddiqui, who was also in the class, extends his practical reasons: “I live in Deira and it’s easy access for me, so I come at Pullman’s often. Yoga’s a very good thing and I recommend that people come here, too.”

Despite doing some poses awkwardly, as I have mobility issues, I came out of the session feeling calm yet revitalised. A stark contrast to the typical adrenaline rush after a heavy lift. And that is the whole point.

Our sunset yoga lasted for about an hour and we were treated to some healthy refreshments afterwards. I echo Siddiqui’s statement and recommend trying Pullman’s yoga, truly a tranquil retreat as the sun retreats.



Speaking of relaxation, one can argue there’s nothing better than lying down and doing nothing whilst getting pampered. I capped my evening with Pullman’s spa treatment, a divine 60-minute body massage followed by a refreshing 75-minute facial.

I’m physically active and my body takes a beating so my spa therapist, Pauline Mwangi, mixed it up to relieve muscle aches and deliver an extra soothing massage.

“I go for what clients look for if they do sports. I change it up a bit. I use the same products, aroma oils and all, but use the deep tissue technique with some stretching so it’s more satisfying and gives better results at the end,” Mwangi says.

With my body’s tension released, it was probably the most relaxing hour I’ve had in a long, long time. But I wasn’t done yet: on to the much-needed facial.

“Based on the consultation, I thought that Marine Breeze would be good because it’s very hot now and sometimes because of the AC, our skin tends to get so dry that I thought it’s good to give back more oxygen to the skin. It’s deep cleansing, like a blast of oxygen on the face,” Mwangi explains.

Indeed, I felt my face rejuvenated after the treatment. I can literally stay a day at Pullman DCCC’s spa where the ambience is already therapeutic, lulling one to linger a few minutes more, and the service is outstanding.

Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre offers a variety of spa treatments.