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Staying Fit: Healthy eating at your fingertips on EatCleanMe

How to keep yourself healthy and strong in the UAE

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We all know, and we’ve talked about this in previous editions of Staying Fit, your transformation is 25 per cent training but 75 per cent nutrition. So we have to prioritise food above all else in order to realise the optimum health and fitness we all want to achieve. But it’s not just any kind of food. Choose the healthy ones, of course.

In the UAE, there are numerous shops and restaurants offering nutritious yet delicious food choices. But the trouble sometimes is they are spread everywhere, logistics become a hurdle and to add to that, you can’t practically keep tabs on their menus to be able to compare and make smart decisions.

Luckily for us, there is an online platform that puts these healthy food outlets under one roof making it easy for all of us to access nourishment with just a few clicks. boasts over 500 selections coming from various healthy bistros such as The Fit Food Kitchen, Under 500 and Right Bite, to name a few.

Elsy Azzam, co-founder and managing partner of Eat Clean says: “We wanted to find healthy food and make it more accessible to people, but it’s also really to inspire people to live a healthy life. Motivate them and be their guide, basically.”

There is a movement in the UAE right now, as people are made aware of the benefits of eating proper food, the demand rises and so does the number of food chains catering to people’s certain requirements.

“There is no doubt that eating healthy is a trending topic today. Not only because of people’s aspirations to be part of the healthy and fit community, but also due to people’s increased sensitivity to specific foods now more than ever before, which is making them more mindful about what they eat. The aim is to offer a fully integrated online experience to the most discerning of customers. The platform now launches with a desktop and mobile responsive English website. This will be quickly followed with an Arabic website and a native iOS and Android mobile app,” co-founder Bassil Dibs says.

On the website, you can find nutritional values of the food you are ordering and make choices tailored specifically to your needs, especially if you have food intolerances. You can also find other useful info to help you decide better.

“In our blog, for example, we post healthy tips in collaboration with nutritionists, or we post recipes in collaboration with bloggers. So, it’s kind of your daily guide to healthy living… One of my personal favourite features of the website is the ability to search by specific types of food; if you wake up one morning craving a vegan smoothie, you can search for exactly that and get all the options available in Dubai to order. We believe that being healthy shouldn’t be a struggle, and our platform is designed to serve that exact purpose,” Azzam adds.

A healthier lifestyle is now achievable more than ever and we need not look far and away. With technology and the onset of brilliant ideas such as this one, we now have fewer excuses and more compelling motivations to reach for our health and fitness goals.