For the first time in fashion history two iconic Houses have swapped top designers. Image Credit: Supplied

This might be a first for the fashion industry: two top designers from Fendi and Versace, have swapped roles to create two distinct collections.

Both brands insist that this is not a collaboration, but rather the “coming together of Fendi and Versace, two iconic fashion houses, or more rightly, two iconoclastic groups of people, has led to this unique moment in fashion.”

According to the brands, this is a celebration of Italian fashion and is disruptive to the status quo in the fashion industry: “Fendace is Fashion with a capital F – and a capital V.”

The Fendace collections signify the coming together of two luxury conglomerates, which is rare in the incredibly competitive industry. Apparently, the inspiration comes from the friendship and mutual professional respect – the double signature of Fendace is a swap, with roles exchanged.

FV 2
The collections seek to be disruptive by promoting creative dialogue. Image Credit: Supplied

Kim Jones, Artistic Director Fendi Couture and Womenswear Jones and Silvia Venturini-Fendi took on the design of women’s and menswear respectively, to showcase their take on the vision of Versace. Meanwhile, Donatella Versace, Chief Creative Officer, Versace, took upon herself to interpret Fendi from her creative eye.

Interestingly, and again something rather rare in the fashion world, both Houses provided each other full access to their archives. According to the brands, Fendace is about the need for sincerity in fashion today rather than strategy.

VERSACE BY FENDI is inspired by the nineties period of the company, and explores the concept of duality and sees the coming together of the Fendi Monogram with the Versace Greek Key motif.

The FENDI BY VERSACE collection, meanwhile, takes a punk rock approach with Donatella Versace opting to showcase disruption. For instance, Versace safety pins puncture Fendi signs and symbols as a sign of this chaos.