Ahmed Shawky
Ahmed Shawky Image Credit: Instagram @shawforlife

Egyptian film critic Ahmed Shawky has made history of sorts – he has been named the Chairman of critic’s jury by the International Federation of Film Critics (Fibreci) at the 75th edition of Cannes International Film Festival. For context, while there have been other Egyptian critics on the jury, he’s the first to lead it.

The committee comprises nine critics from across the globe and since its inception in 1925, it has become one of the oldest and most influential committees of its kind.

There will be three sub-committees that will award prizes, however, Shawky will adjudicate their decision and will also take part in the selection of the winning film in the international film category.

Dating back to 1946, the award is as old as the Cannes Film Festival and has seen winners such as Rainer Fassbender and the legendary American director, screenwriter and producer Francis Ford Coppola.

This year’s jury panel includes critics from several countries. They are: Simone Sorana from Italy, Mariola Wiktor from Poland, Jihan Bougrain from Morocco, Emmanuel Levy from the United States, Bidan Ribeiro from Bangladesh, Yusova Halidou Haruna from Niger, as well as the two French critics Nathalie Chevlet and Magali van Reith.

The Cannes Film Festival will begin on May 17 and concludes on May 28, 2022.