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The limited edition collection is an ode to the lives and legacy of British monarchs Victoria and Albert. Image Credit: Supplied

In a tribute to the arts patronage and cultural legacy of British monarch Victoria and her consort Albert, Montblanc has revealed a limited edition collection of writing instruments that celebrate the royals.

This is not the first time Monblanc has done so. In fact, the brand has honoured an influential patron of art from the antiquity to the 20th century since 1992. And for its 30th and final edition, the brand pays homage to the legacy of Victoria and Albert with a couple edition.

The details that have gone in the creation of these writing instruments is impeccable.

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There is impeccable detail in every piece representing a specific period in the couple’s lives. Image Credit: Supplied

For instance, Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria & Albert Limited Edition 4810 signifies the early years of the royal couple. This is manifested in a barrel in pearl-white lacquer – “a symbol of purity and youth, and a cone embellished with a traditional Victorian pattern as well as “V&A”, mirroring the way the couple like to unite their initials.”

Victoria’s edition has a cap finished in translucent mint-green lacquer, one of her favourite colours. There is evident Victorian decorative pattern beneath the lacquer of the cap, as well.

Furthermore, the cap features a royal-blue crown, along with a Montblanc logo in precious resin; while the words “I will be good” are engraved on the cap ring. The nib is handcrafted from solid gold and boasts a rose in honour of Queen Victoria.

Meanwhile, the burgundy translucent lacquer on the cap of Albert’s edition are reminiscent of the colours of the British Field Marshal uniform he wore at his wedding. The coat of arms of Saxony are engraved at the centre of the handcrafted solid gold, champagne-tone gold-coated nib, to make it a truly exclusive piece.

Furthermore, the Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria & Albert Limited Edition 888 celebrates Victoria’s accession to the throne. It features a cap and barrel created from translucent red lacquer inspired by Victoria’s coronation dress. The version for Albert depicts his achievements as Prince and features a cap and barrel in solid champagne-tone gold overlay.

The Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria & Albert Limited Edition 100, meanwhile, is an ode to their love, as well as their patronage for art and has a barrel crafted from mother-of-pearl and solid champagne-tone gold fittings.

Finally, the Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria & Albert Limited Edition 8 is a tribute to their love, as well as the grief following Albert’s demise. The cap is created from black onyx with solid white gold inlay and bears the hand engraved monogram “VRI” (Victoria Regina Imperatrix) surrounded by matte black lacquer.

The collection is now available online and in stores.