Maserati’s boutique concept was created by New York design firm Eight Inc. Image Credit: Maserati

Maserati has just revealed its new global boutique concept that the Italians call “Sartoria Officina, which combines a sartoria, or a tailor’s atelier, with an officina, which is Italian for a workshop.

The brand’s first store has opened in Milan, in the city’s historic Magenta district, where visitors can experience the latest state-of-the-art 3D digital technologies to configure their bespoke sports or luxury car in a private consultation space.

From the outside of the store a unique installation attracts clients with an LED wall as a backdrop for the ‘hero’ vehicle on display, and once inside guests are greeted with a palette of earthy colours meant to evoke the Italian countryside. Naturally, there is a coffee bar inside because of course this is Italy we’re talking about.

Maserati 2
The design brief was to step away from the traditional sterile look of a normal car showroom and create a much more personal experience. Image Credit: Maserati

“From the early stages of developing a new car to the complete luxury retail experience, everything at Maserati is designed with the client in mind,” says Davide Grasso, CEO of Maserati.

“Our new store concept embodies our values of passion, innovation and beauty through the lens of Italian luxury. Our wish here is for clients to express their passion by creating their very own Maserati.”

The store concept was created by New York design firm Eight Inc. whose brief from Maserati was to completely step away from the look of a traditional car showroom which is usually too bright and somewhat sterile.

"When considering a new design project, we imagine an experience that defines a human process, and how that experience can shape what inspires and influences us. The new Maserati store is as a bridge between the House of the Trident and its passionate clients, designed to provide a multi-sensory luxury retail experience with a contemporary design language, true to the essence of the brand”, says Tim Kobe, CEO of Eight Inc.

Maserati 3
The first Maserati store in Milan combines a retail space with a ‘workshop’ where clients can personalise their bespoke cars. Image Credit: Maserati

Following the first opening in Milan, Maserati is planning to open additional retail concept stores by the end of the year in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Melbourne, Madrid and Berlin, as well as more locations coming throughout 2023, including Los Angeles, Toronto, London and Tokyo.