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Packing tips for your first snow experience

Go light as possible by stuffing your gloves, scarf and hat in your jacket to conserve luggage space.

Girls' winter fashion
Image Credit: Unsplash
Girls' winter fashion

Winter snow traveling

Backpacking is the latest travel craze. Now, ‘tis the season to try snow backpacking to escape from reality, especially if you are living in the Middle East. Who would not want to experience the freezing temperature, enjoy the captivating beauty of snow-covered views, and touch the snow for the first time?

The freezing cold can be brutal to first timers, so here are some tips to pack light but warm clothing and still look good.



Thermal leggings

These are the basics. Leggings will help you pull off the classic look with skinny jeans and boots even while in below freezing temperatures.

Thermal long sleeves top

You can sport any shirt, sweater or cardigan in comfort as long as you have a thermal long sleeved top.

Winter socks

Winter socks

Your boots are not enough to keep you warm. Pack three to four pairs to prevent foot wounds and keep your feet comfortable even during long walks out in the cold.



Winter jacket or sweater

You can pack different tops that can go with your one sweater.  The trick is to bring a bulky sweater to pair with your pants and jeans. Then grab one or two lightweight cardigans over your thermal top.


Winter boots

Get a pair of solid, decent-looking pair of low-frills winter boots. Your pair should be weatherproof with laces that do not require a lot of tying and untying. Look for dark-colour pairs, so you do not have to worry about walking on mud and soaked areas. Pay attention to style and comfort, so you can walk hours through snow and still look nice to wear to dinner.


Winter coat

Pack a long coat based on how cold your travel destination will be. Make sure that it is a little larger than your size so you can still wear your layers underneath. No need to bother bringing a rain coat as long as you have a waterproof coat.



Winter gloves

Get a pair of thin but warm and breathable gloves, so you can wear them at different temperatures and still easily take pictures. Waterproof materials let you use them in the coldest weather and cool enough for making snowballs.


Winter scarf

Jazz up your basic jeans-and-t-shirt outfit with a scarf which you can easily wrap and wash. Choose something bright and colorful. It is also a good and fashionable wrap during cold flights.

Hat or bonnet

Winter bonnet

It should cover your ears and partly cover the back of your neck for extra warmth. Avoid hats with fluffballs or flaps and just choose thin, modern materials for maximum protection against freezing temperatures.