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A first of it’s kind in the region, La Perle will transport you into a new world full of performers, colours and acts like never before.

If you enjoy watching America’s Got Talent and think the contestants’ talents are beyond compare, then you should watch the performers at La Perle.

The director and creator Franco Dragone creates the perfect fusion of drama, music and aerial art on the dry and wet stage at the venue.

The state-of-the-art theatre accommodates 1,300 viewers seated around a circular stage. The latest technology in 360-degree projections and visual illusions transform the theatrical ambience into various new worlds the show inhabits.

A 90-minute production without an interval showcases the story of girl looking for a lost pearl. There are 65 characters involved, from various cultures and belonging to different worlds. Bringing together flyers, acrobats, bikers and motorcycles that defy gravity, the show is extravagant to say the least.

From people diving into a pool from a height of 25 metres, to death-defying acts, to the ‘rain’ inside the auditorium, the show keeps you on the edge the my seat till the very end. The story has infused flavours and elements of the UAE which gives it an edge.

Dragone has created a show unlike any other in Dubai. The choreography and coordination among the performers speaks for their talent. Intriguing stunts, captivating music and emotional performances raised the bar.

While every act and element of the show was a treat, the mime narrator was the highlight of the evening. The young, short and stout performer played a vital role in the hour-and-a-half production, taking forward each segment of the story. His timing was impeccable and emoting intense.

The acrobats pulled off the most daunting stunt on the Globe of Death. The expert bikers performed a heart-stopping stunt in a sphere, which made the audience fear their safety.

With a story inspired by the spirit of Dubai and a show designed to capture the imagination of adults and children equally, the show keeps you engrossed throughout.


The details

What: La Perle

Where: Habtoor City, Dubai

Timings: Two shows daily at 7pm and 9.30pm (except Sundays and Mondays)

Tickets: Start at Dh252