Mona Helmy

FTC VOX Mona-1577292733453

“I spent yesterday relaxing, so I can have the energy to go on my shopping mission today. I am really looking forward to the Dubai Shopping Festival. I plan to go early to buy myself a pair of comfortable evening shoes. I will also look at some home ware. I am refurbishing my house, so furniture on sale is definitely a win for me.”

Albert Karras

FTC VOX Albert-1577292726989

“I am looking for electronics. I haven’t gotten anyone back home any Christmas presents yet, since I travel to see them in a few days, thought it would be smart to wait until the sales started. I am looking for a nice pair of wireless headphones and a laptop.”

Caroline Wilkins

FTC VOX Caroline-1577292728991

“New Year’s Eve is almost here and I am in desperate need for a new dress, and because of the sale, I can get it for cheaper than usual. I might even get a second one just in case. The parties just keep on happening.”

Menna Hani

FTC VOX Menna-1577292730552

“I love DSF! It needs to be longer. Like 12 months a year. I never really know what I want to buy. I don’t plan. All I know is I love to shop. I always have my eye out for make-up deals. I generally don’t wait for sales to buy what I want. I just buy things whenever I need them. But if I happen to find something great on sale, then I will definitely buy it.”