Dubai never runs out of firsts. Last week the emirate welcomed another breakthrough: 'Dubai Waterpark at the Beach', said to be the world’s biggest inflatable waterpark, which features an obstacle course with ramps, sidewalks, cliffs, towers, slides, ‘wiggle bridges’, curves and much more.

Emirati entrepreneur Ahmad Bin Chaibah, the park’s owner, says he wants to showcase his love for his city by setting a world record with his creation. The waterpark’s design is inspired by Dubai’s official logo, "as a tribute to the city’s creativity, innovation and dedication to its people".

The park is located at The Beach, opposite Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). Chaibah said the waterpark will stay at this venue for the next three years, although he did not disclose his plans for the park beyond that period. “This is the best iconic place to put the Dubai logo. Another year and a half the backdrop will be the Bluewaters project,” says Chaibah, referring to the man-made mixed use island located off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residence. “So it will be the best backdrop — with JBR, The Beach, and the Bluewaters Project.”

Since its opening on September 1, Chaibah says the aqua park has received an overwhelming response.

“The response was beyond our expectations [and we’re still in the low] season,” says Chaibah. “The best season will start in October. We are still in September but we are having a lot of customers daily, which is great.”

He adds: “We will be open all year long. The summer is only three months — where it’s really too hot. We still get customers in this season and we have lots of packages. But throughout winter time it’s the best time to play.”

The waterpark measures 2,700 square metres — 77 metres wide and 35 metres in depth. “It has 74 games. You can climb, jump and [enjoy] all things in it. [It has] capacity for 350 people per hour, but we can go up to 500 people. We are limiting it to 350 people per hour to make sure it’s safe,” says Bin Chaibah.

“Everybody’s fitness level is different so there are a lot of games. You can have team-building activities, corporate events, birthdays, school trips or just you and friends or family. It’s for everybody, from five-years-old to adults,” adds Bin Chaibah. An hour on the park can burn around 800 calories, he says.

Participants have to sign a waiver and wear a life jacket. “We have eight lifeguards on the game at any point of time — they are very well trained, so safety-wise we have all the procedures here,” says Bin Chaibah. “You have to wear something comfortable; swimwear preferably because you have to wear a life jacket — it’s for you own safety. We want to make sure everybody is safe. Usually people can wear shorts and shirts, it doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable. Come and have fun.”


Don’t miss it

Dubai Waterpark at the Beach is open daily, 7am to 6pm.

Tickets are Dh80 (pass expires once you return on the shore) and Dh190 for an unlimited day pass, and available to buy on the spot.