‘When Monaliza Smiled’. Image Credit: Supplied

Award-winning Arab films will get another moment in the spotlight at CinemaNa, a cinema series held at NYU Abu Dhabi and Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.

The first film to be screened will be Blessed Benefit by acclaimed director Mahmoud Al Massad, at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi on October 16. The film, which premiered at the 2016 at Toronto International Film Festival, follows Ahmad, a construction worker who ends up in prison after an unfortunate business deal goes wrong.

Between October 16-18, Al Massad will hold a filmmaking workshop at the NYU Abu Dhabi for free, but with prior registration.

Then there’s Recycle on October 17, which puts the audience in the shoes of Abu Ammar, a deeply religious Jordanian man who struggles to support his two wives and eight children, as his income is collecting discarded cardboard for sale to a recycling plant.

On November 6, screenings continue with Mahbas, the 2016 dramedy directed by Sophie Boutros that tells a story of two families coming together in the midst of political prejudices. While on November 7, there is a romcom directed by Fadi Haddad called When Monaliza Smiled.

Director Fadi Haddad and producer Nadia Eliewat will also host workshops from November 6-8 at Paris-Sorbonne Abu Dhabi.

For the full schedule, go to nyuad-artscenter.org.