The treatment requires being subjected to bright lights - with your eyes closed! Image Credit: Supplied

My mirror’s lying to me this morning. The lines across my forehead are noticeably lighter and the bags under my eyes have filled out and firmed up. It couldn’t be the sleep — noise from the hotel nightclub next door woke me up again last night. If I’m looking healthier (even the deep furrows in my neck are less pronounced), it must be the beauty angel I met yesterday.

It’s been the fortnight from hell. Late nights, project deadlines every day, one-day weekends and far too many quiet ones to unwind afterwards. Yesterday though, I took a detour to Emirates Towers where Karen at Cryo Health put me under two machines for 45 minutes.

First though, I’m scrubbed down and exfoliated. Just my face; I’m here for the Cryo Beauty Angel treatment. Once she’s figured out my skin type (mixed) and put the appropriate mask over my face (there’s no chance for Halloween selfies; she’s taken my phone away), Karen ties a pair of goggles over my eyes and switches on a set of bright lights and leaves the room. A series of infrared rays work to shrink my skin’s oil glands and kill acne-causing bacteria, while building new collagen and hyaluronic acid. It’s super bright, even with my eyes closed, I feel like I’m staring into the sun.

This must be what espionage interrogation is like.

Fifteen minutes later, I’m on the planet Hoth and the lights are gone, replaced by guided blasts of freezing air. For another ten minutes, Karen subjects my face to temperatures of up to minus 170 degrees Celsius — yes it’s liquid nitrogen! Should I be alarmed? I’m ready to give up all my secrets already; I’d make a useless spy!

Thankfully, it isn’t torture — it doesn’t burn the skin since there’s no contact. Instead, the cold air is used to tighten the skin, reduces fine lines and dark spots, and promotes circulation. A gentle massage with some organic Yon Ka cream and I’m done.

Facials work fantastically well on my skin, probably because I don’t do them very often. Even so, this sci-fi treatment is one of the most effective I’ve had. The results are instant, so it’s the perfect quick fix before a big event such as Diwali. The selfies will be fantastic!

Details: Dh500 per session, packages from Dh2,360. Call 04 342 7858 or visit Cryo.com

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