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Home is where you should feel safest, and to feel secure, it's important to be aware of what's happening around you. New technology makes it easier to protect your property. Installing a security system, both indoors or outdoors, can provide peace of mind and help you to protect what matters most.

Here’s how Ring home security devices can help keep you and your loved ones safe. All devices can be monitored and controlled via the Ring app on your smartphone, and if there's any concern while you’re away, you can take immediate action.

Stay informed — Ring’s Floodlight Cam can aid in self-monitoring your property, particularly in areas that are concealed or outside your direct view, with features such as motion sensors, night vision and HD video. Additionally, the Ring Alarm can add an extra layer of security, inside and outside your home.

Stay connected — With an Indoor Cam’s live video and two-way audio capabilities, check in on your family while you’re out at the grocery store – and even remind them to set the dinner table! Leaving your pets home alone is no longer an issue; an indoor camera, such as the Stick Up Cam, can help put your mind at ease. Look in on them by simply checking the app on your phone, and if your pooch sneaks out, your outdoor Spotlight Cam will alert you when it detects motion.

Stay social — Capture an act of kindness from your neighbour or a special moment between your kids with a Video Doorbell. In addition to viewing live video, Ring’s smart security allows you to watch, save and share your device’s recorded footage right from your phone.