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Dr Alexander Brexendorff, Founder of MENA Legal Image Credit: Supplied

Over a quarter of a century back, Dr Alexander Brexendorff landed in the Middle East and fell in love with the region. He soon discovered the land of opportunities, the UAE, and decided to call Dubai his ‘home’. As a lawyer, helping clients set up their businesses and maneuver the challenging legal environment, had always been his passion. Two decades ago, he co-founded one of the first-of-its-kind Middle East boutique law firms in the Middle East and Europe. Thus, was born MENA Legal.

MENA Legal proudly remains the partner in success to hundreds of new and existing companies in the region. With its innovative, result-oriented and empathetic team of international lawyers and business consultants, MENA Legal is the law firm of choice for small and mid-size enterprises, as well as major corporations entering the Middle Eastern market.

Having always had a team with a strong understanding of technology, MENA Legal has helped tech giants like SAP set up and become successful in the region.

In line with its legacy of boldly sailing in uncharted waters, MENA Legal was the first law firm in the region to provide specialist advice on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and the emerging Metaverse.

MENA Legal’s most outstanding projects are their assistance in the development and launch of QuantoPay, the world's first Global Digital & Blockchain Bank, and the launch of a Sharia-compliant, NFT asset-backed UAE racing car project within the Dubai Metaverse.

Having an enviable track record of being at the forefront of latest technology trends, MENA Legal is now making history as the first law firm in the Middle East to open its HQ in the Metaverse, where its experts can meet with clients for business and socialising.